Congressman Carlos Gimenez

To better serve you, I want to get your input on how you stay informed about your community and what's going on across the country. Answering a few questions below will give me and my staff useful insight on how we can get information to you in a way that is useful.


1)  What is your primary source of information?


2)  Do you subscribe to any local newspapers (print or online)?


3)  If yes, to which local newspapers do you subscribe?


4)  Do you feel you are getting enough updates and information directly from Rep. Gimenez?


5)  Which method is most important to you when receiving updates from Rep. Gimenez?


6)  Which method, if any, would you like to see more updates and information from Rep. Gimenez?


7)  Which age group best describes you?


8) Have you ever emailed or written Rep. Gimenez?


9)  If so, did you receive a response?


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