Dear Friend,

This week, two of my Committees will hold hearings on topics that I believe may interest you:

  • Wednesday, March 6th at 10am:
    Judiciary Committee: Protecting Dreamers and TPS Recipients
  • Thursday, March 7th at 10am:
    Oversight Committee: Trump Administration's Response to the Drug Crisis

As a member of the Congressional Refugee Caucus and the proud Representative of Maryland's diverse and inclusive 8th District, which is home to many immigrants and TPS holders, I am eagerly awaiting the Judiciary hearing. 

I am also looking forward to the Oversight hearing, which will give us the opportunity to analyze President Trump's approach to addressing the national opioid epidemic that has ravaged countless communities across the country.

You can watch a live stream of the Judiciary hearing here and the Oversight hearing here.

Stay close, and I hope you can join me virtually for these two important events!

All Best,


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