September 20, 2019

Dear Friend,

Last week I voted in support of three bills that will protect coastlines in Maryland and across the country against offshore drilling, including:

  • The Coastal and Marine Economies Protection Act (H.R. 1941), which permanently blocks new offshore drilling projects along the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines;
  • The Protecting and Securing Florida's Coastline Act (H.R. 205), which permanently blocks new offshore drilling in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico; and
  • The Arctic Cultural and Coastal Plain Protection Act (H.R. 1146), which repeals a provision of the GOP Tax Scam that opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas development.

Offshore oil and gas drilling operations expose coastal communities to the substantial economic risks and adverse environmental effects of oil spills. As someone who grew up enjoying the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, I understand how important it is to protect our precious coastlines and waterways. 

The House passed these bills and now it is time for the Senate to act. Together, we must do everything we can to protect our coastline. 

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