Nearly 400 Bills Passed The House This Year

December 19, 2019

Dear Neighbor, 

The House of Representatives passed nearly 400 bills so far this year, including bipartisan legislation to lower health care and prescription drug costs, raise wages and improve the lives of all Marylanders. Some of the bipartisan measures we’ve passed would:

  • Protect individuals with preexisting conditions and lower prescription drug costs; 
  • Give workers a long overdue wage raise and make sure that women receive equal pay for equal work;
  • Combat climate change with a national preparedness plan;
  • Restore net neutrality rules to ensure a free and open internet;
  • Shield coastlines in Maryland and across the country against oil and gas drilling;
  • Enact gun safety background checks;
  • And support our nation's veterans.

Yet 80 percent of the bills we’ve passed this year are being held up by the Senate. Most of this legislation is bipartisan – more than 275 bills with Democratic and Republican support that would improve the lives of people across the country are awaiting action in the Senate.

Rest assured, I will continue working across the aisle to make progress for the people of Maryland's 8th District. I'm eager to
 hear from you – please take my short survey below to let me know what your top priorities are as we look ahead to next year.

As always, I encourage all 8th District residents to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Stay close!

All Best,


What issues are most important to you?
 [ ]2020 Census
 [ ]Aircraft Noise Pollution
 [ ]Affordable Housing
 [ ]Campaign Finance Reform
 [ ]Climate Change
 [ ]Economy & Job Growth
 [ ]Education 
 [ ]Equal Pay For Equal Work
 [ ]Family & Child Separation at the Border
 [ ]Government Corruption
 [ ]Gun Violence Prevention
 [ ]Hate Crimes & White Nationalism
 [ ]Healthcare Reform
 [ ]Immigration Policy
 [ ]Infrastructure Investment
 [ ]LGBTQ+ Rights
 [ ]Medicare for All
 [ ]Prescription Drug Costs
 [ ]Redistricting Reform
 [ ]Reproductive Rights
 [ ]Social Security
 [ ]Student Loan Reform
 [ ]VA Reform
 [ ]Voting Rights
 [ ]Other (please specify)

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