June 3, 2020

Dear Neighbor,

As a Member of the House Judiciary Committee, I signed a letter urging the Department of Justice to investigate the continuing murders of unarmed African-American civilians by police officers across the country. You can view the letter here. I look forward to participating in a series of committee investigations and legislative actions to respond to this injustice.

It seems clear to me that Derek Chauvin, who pressed his knee on George Floyd’s neck for nine minutes, is a disgrace to all of the good and decent people in his profession and should be charged with second-degree murder, not a lesser charge. 

I stand with the nonviolent citizens demanding justice for George Floyd and his family and countless unarmed African-American victims like him, including Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. 

In Congress, I am working on a comprehensive package of reforms that would include a ban on police chokeholds and other tactics of potential asphyxiation, an articulation of a nationwide standard prohibiting excessive and unnecessary use of force, an abolition of the “qualified immunity” doctrine, and the creation of a continually updated nationwide list of dismissed and suspended officers to ensure that they do not resurface in other jurisdictions. I am also cosponsoring with Rep. Ayanna Pressley a Resolution condemning police brutality, racial profiling, and excessive force. 

In all of the confusion and despair, let us remember the clear teachings of Reverend Martin Luther King, Bob Moses, Rev. Daniel Berrigan, and the U.S. Civil Rights and anti-war Movements. They transformed America by calling the whole nation to challenge institutionalized racism, state violence and militarism in order to reach a higher ground. Let us remember the lesson Dr. King taught us in his book, Chaos or Community. Today, in the midst of a public health pandemic and staggering unemployment, the choice is still ours between chaos and community. Let us choose community.

From the wreckage of this period in America, we must find the strength and vision to rebuild our nation.  I believe it is time for a new Reconstruction in America. It is time to sweep away the sickening racism and to rebuild on the foundations of civil justice, creative nonviolence, strong democracy, and equal rights for all.

As always, I encourage people across the 8th District to continue to share their concerns and insights with me and my staff by 
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Stay Healthy and Stay Safe,


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