May 27, 2021

Dear Neighbor,

In March, Congress passed President Joe Biden's historic American Rescue Plan. I wanted to take a moment to share with you a brief update about how the American Rescue Plan is already helping Maryland. 

My Maryland Delegation colleagues and I have already announced several rounds of federal funding for Maryland, including:

Supporting Community Health Centers: Maryland received more than $68 million in American Rescue Plan funding to expand capacity at Community Health Centers, increasing access to affordable and high-quality health care during and beyond the pandemic.

Expanding Equitable Vaccine AccessMaryland received more than $54.6 million in American Rescue Plan funding to bolster public health infrastructure and expand equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccine for underserved communities.

Securing Safe and Affordable Housing: Maryland received more than $68 million in American Rescue Plan funding to help our people access safe and affordable housing amid the sharp increases in homelessness and housing instability in the pandemic.

Supporting Students and Schools: Maryland received more than $12.8 million in American Rescue Plan funding to support homeless students. This critical funding will help our public education system meet the academic, societal and mental health needs of homeless students. Maryland also received $727 million in American Rescue Plan funding to help students who are missing meals due to COVID-19 school closures. With this funding, Maryland extended its P-EBT nutrition and meals assistance program through June 2021 to ensure that no child in Maryland goes hungry.

Supporting Colleges and UniversitiesMaryland received more than $543 million in American Rescue Plan funding for colleges, universities and higher education students. This essential funding will help local institutions in their economic recovery and give them more resources to support students.

Expanding Mental Health Services: Maryland received nearly $55.4 million in American Rescue Plan funding to expand access to mental health services and substance use disorder treatment programs across the state amid a sharp increase in unintentional overdoses in the pandemic. Maryland also received more than $796,000 in American Rescue Plan funding to expand mental and behavioral health training across the state. 

Bolstering Maryland’s Pandemic Response: Maryland received more than $36 million American Rescue Plan funding to expand lab capacity, enhance disease surveillance programs and step up statewide mitigation efforts. 

I look forward to updating you on additional American Rescue Plan funding for our state. 

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All Best,


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