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Thank you for reading my newsletter! My team and I continue to work for you and our community. It was a very eventful week in Washington and I'm excited to tell you about what we accomplished. Here are some highlights from this week:

  • Protecting against the coronavirus
  • Working with Israel to combat and treat PTSD
  • Advocating for clean water
  • Finding out Florida's back in the running for the new Space Command HQ

PROTECTING AGAINST CORONAVIRUS: As many of you know, coronavirus has been spreading through various communities throughout our country, including here in Florida. This week, the House finally passed the funding needed to prepare and protect Americans from the spread of the coronavirus. This funding will help federal, state and local agencies develop a vaccine for this virus as well as supply our communities with the resources necessary to protect and prevent further infections. I voted in favor of this package and I'm glad we were able to put politics aside for the safety and health of our country on a clean, bipartisan bill. As a reminder, you can continue to take steps to protect yourself from coronavirus by washing your hands. Meanwhile, our country is taking the necessary steps to combat the spread of this virus. 

WORKING WITH ISRAEL TO COMBAT AND TREAT PTSD: This weekend I participated in the 2020 AIPAC Policy Conference with Rep. Elaine Luria from Virginia to discuss our recent legislation to encourage collaboration between Israel and the U.S. on PTSD research. As one of our greatest allies in the region, Israeli servicemembers fight alongside of our servicemembers and many of them deal with the same mental health issues when returning home from combat. It's important we continue to strengthen our bond with Israel and work together to provide our veterans with the care they deserve when they return home — and I'm hopeful this legislation will be a step in the right direction.


Speaking at this year's AIPAC Policy Conference

ADVOCATING FOR CLEAN WATER: On Thursday, I spoke at the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee's hearing on the Water Resources Development Act to advocate for my clean water priorities for this year and to ensure Florida finally receives necessary clean water funding. In order to maintain and improve our clean water quality, the federal allocation formula that dictates how much each state receives in funding for clean water infrastructure needs to change. Right now, Florida does not receive enough funding to satisfy our clean water demand and clean water is integral to our way of life. This is why I am committed to changing the allocation formula to ensure we get the funding needed to keep Florida's water clean.

FLORIDA BACK IN THE RUNNING FOR SPACE COMMAND: Space is in Florida’s DNA and some of our state and country’s most historic space missions – including the 1969 mission to the moon – departed from Cape Canaveral. Because of our existing infrastructure and great talent, Florida will also play a pivotal role in the newly-created Space Force, which will have a headquarters with a to-be-determined location at the U.S. Space Command. It looked as though Space Command would be heading to Colorado but I have good news: Florida’s back in the running! This week, I confirmed that information with U.S. Air Force Sec. Barbara Barrett at the House Armed Services Committee. This is great news for our state and I’m hopeful we’ll be the final pick for Space Command soon!

Click the image below to watch me question USAF Sec. Barrett about the Space Command HQ:


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