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It’s the beginning of another legislative week here in Washington, D.C. and House Democrats are once again staring down the barrel of a crisis of their own making.

In less than two weeks, the Federal Government will run out of money unless Congress passes a partisan “continuing resolution” to extend funding beyond the September 30th deadline. What most Americans do not realize is buried deep within this resolution is something we should all find concerning: an increase of our debt limit without any meaningful reforms to rein in out-of-control spending. House Democrats know Republicans will not support this, and for good reason, but without this increase, President Biden’s socialist spending spree would not be possible. Put differently, millions of hardworking Americans could go without a paycheck because Speaker Pelosi and President Biden have chosen the path of zero cooperation. 

Republicans have rightfully refused to support the $3.5 trillion tax and spend agenda, which will only fuel the economic crisis our country is already facing. Why would we provide Washington Democrats with a blank check to bankrupt our nation? House Democrats must return to the table and negotiate in good faith to protect the fiscal health of the United States.

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President Biden Abuses Power to Conceal Border Crisis

Over the weekend, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) instituted a two-week flight restriction over Del Rio, Texas, forcing Fox News drones to land and stop coverage of the surge in migrants located there. In other words, not only has President Biden refused to address the crisis at our southern border, but now it appears he has abused the power of his office and weaponized a government agency to hide the truth about the crisis from the American people. Congress should investigate whether the FAA received any request from Customs and Border Patrol to ground these drones, and if they did not, whether this order came directly from the White House.


Should Congress investigate whether the Biden Administration used the FAA to hide the truth about the border crisis from the American people?

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Inflation is Taxation

At the beginning of his presidency, Joe Biden proudly proclaimed to the world, “America is back.” The past two months have shown us one thing: he wasn’t talking about our economy.  The August jobs report was the weakest of Joe Biden’s presidency, with only 235,000 jobs added to the economy. The expectation was 720,000. On top of that, working class Americans are struggling with rising prices fueled by reckless government spending. Chicken is up 7.2%, eggs are up 9.9%, beef is up 12.2%, and the list goes on and on. Americans are watching their paychecks shrink as the price of feeding their families increases dramatically.

Abortion on Demand

And finally, on this week’s episode of House Democrats’ misplaced priorities, the keynote legislation on the Floor this week would essentially guarantee access to an abortion at any point in pregnancy. You read that right. This bill would guarantee abortion up until the moment of birth. When will Washington Democrats quit their attempts to push California’s values on the people of Texas?

In The News

The New York Post

Lawmakers Slam Biden, FAA on border crisis flight restriction

Republican Texas Rep. Lance Gooden told The Post: “The American people deserve to know the extent of the crisis at the southern border, but instead of addressing it, President Biden has weaponized a government agency to hide it from them.”



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