Washington liberals and President Biden’s hopes of embarking upon a nearly $5 trillion spending spree have been temporarily dashed by none other than the members of their own party. It seems the only thing bipartisan in Washington these days is opposition to the president’s radical tax and spend agenda.

Meanwhile, while they have been distracted by infighting over whether to raise taxes on the American middle class, our border crisis continues and is getting worse. We learned this week another migrant caravan – this time 85,000 strong – is making its way to our southern border. The time to secure the border is now. The United States and the people of Texas are tired of untested and unvetted migrants spilling over the border into our communities. What is the president waiting for?


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Biden’s Build Back Broke Agenda

House conservatives have stood united in opposition to President Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar agenda. The “Build Back Better” agenda, as it has been labeled, is the single most expensive piece of legislation in the history of the United States. More concerningly, as Washington liberals force this spending on their colleagues, it was reported Americans can expect to spend twenty percent more on consumer goods this holiday season. In other words, there will be twenty percent fewer gifts under many families’ Christmas trees. Federal spending is the primary driver of this inflation and reckless spending must end immediately.


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A Border (Still) In Crisis

Last Sunday, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security confirmed to the American people over 12,000 Haitian migrants have been released into the interior of the United States without COVID tests or proper vetting. Our own border patrol agents are required to be vaccinated or they lose their jobs, yet these migrants can be released into the U.S. with zero testing. It’s nonsensical. The U.S.-Mexico border is no less secure than it was two weeks ago and President Biden refuses to address it despite clear knowledge of an impending crisis weeks away. I recently introduced legislation to cut through environmental red tape that can prevent border patrol agents from adequately securing the border. Congress should consider this legislation immediately.


Congressman Gooden Demands FBI Crack Down on Eco-Terrorism

On Wednesday, I sent a letter requesting the FBI investigate and monitor eco-terrorist and eco-terrorist groups’ recent calls to attack American workers and energy infrastructure. Left-leaning media outlets have amplified and nearly condoned destruction of property to further a radical environmental agenda. The federal government must take a strong stance against this type of violence.

My Letter to FBI Director Wray

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In The News

Congressmen Push FBI to Investigate Ecoterrorism Threat

Fox News
A group of Republican lawmakers is calling on the FBI to "investigate and monitor" ecoterrorists and ecoterror organizations amid calls for the groups to embrace sabotage to achieve their climate change-related goals.

Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Texas, led a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray calling on the law enforcement body to look into ecoterrorists and ecoterror groups after the New Yorker published an interview on Friday with Swedish Marxist author Andreas Malm, whose latest book is titled "How to Blow Up a Pipeline."



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