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This week, a whistleblower came forward to confirm what we have suspected all along – the only thing Facebook is interested in protecting is its bottom line.

The social media company has known for some time its platform is inflicting harm on our children and has a blueprint for making it safer, but they have not implemented those safeguards because Facebook prioritizes profits over people. A company that knowingly harms our children must be held accountable.  

These revelations have made clear it’s time for Washington to have a serious discussion about the power of Big Tech and the influence they have over our daily lives. Together, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook can limit what news you see, who you interact with online, where you shop, and even silence you if your views do not align with their own. This monopolistic power to regulate free speech has no place in a free and fair society.   

While I believe less government regulation is always a better solution, growing monopolies and harming our children are not qualities we seek when we encourage a company to exemplify the American dream.

We have an opportunity to bring antitrust laws into the 21st century and rein in Big Tech. It’s a bipartisan issue rooted in conservative values, and I am proud to be leading the charge for you in Washington.

Read on for more information on my work in Washington and the fight against Silicon Valley.


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Holding Facebook Accountable

There is now indisputable evidence showing Facebook has prioritized profits over the safety of American children, but federal law prevents parents from holding them liable if a child is harmed. Last week, I introduced legislation with Senator Hawley to allow parents to sue a social media company if it is discovered their platform caused a child mental or bodily injury.


Do you think social media companies should be held liable if their platform causes mental or bodily harm to a child?

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Protecting Children from Online Exploitation

Facebook is not the only tech giant prioritizing profits over children’s safety. Amazon Web Services continues to host a graphic website with a long history of enabling the distribution of Child Sexual Abuse Material. The structure of this website, OnlyFans, enables child predators while preventing law enforcement agencies from successfully monitoring the platform for abuse. On Thursday, I led a letter to Amazon CEO, Adam Selipsky, demanding Amazon Web Services reevaluate its relationship with OnlyFans.


Click here to read the full letter. 



Rep. Gooden Joins Varney and Co to Discuss Facebook Revelations


                                   Click here to view the remarks.

House Republicans Call On Amazon To End Relationship With OnlyFans Over Child Pornography

Daily Caller

Eight House Republicans sent a letter obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation to Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Adam Selipsky on Thursday, urging the cloud service provider to end its business relationship with OnlyFans over the presence of child pornography on the platform.

Also in Washington: Biden Administration Policy Weaponizes Department of Justice to Support Critical Race Theory

The Biden Administration’s policies continued their infringement on our individual liberties this week by announcing the Department of Justice will target parents opposed to critical race theory being taught in schools. Parents should have a say in their child’s education, and conservatives in Congress must fight back against this unprecedented and extreme attack on our values.


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