This week, Nancy Pelosi summoned House members back to Washington so Democrats could pass a last-minute increase in our nation’s debt limit. It is important to remember that Joe Biden’s party controls the House of Representatives, Senate, and White House, yet has claimed for weeks they do not have the power to lift the debt limit on their own. That was a lie.

I voted against the debt limit increase this week because I refuse to provide Speaker Pelosi or Senator Sanders with a blank check for their $5.5 trillion socialist wish list. A blanket increase in the federal government’s borrowing limit with no concessions from liberals in Washington is not a win for our nation. We are currently spending our way into bankruptcy on a laundry list of far-left socialist policies.

If Washington liberals get their way, they will forever transform our nation into one we neither want nor recognize. The reconciliation bill currently being pushed by Democrat leadership contains everything from taxpayer-funded abortion on demand to amnesty for more than eight million illegal immigrants.

Let me be clear: this legislation would insert the federal government into the daily lives of every American family. Public schools would be required to indoctrinate our children with green new deal propaganda, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would be permitted to monitor and track each bank transaction you make without a warrant, and Americans at every income level would see their taxes increase.

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ICYMI: Biden Administration Cancels Border Wall Construction  

In the middle of the worst border crisis in decades, President Biden has decided to cancel all border wall construction contracts in the Rio Grande Valley and redirect those funds towards “environmental surveys.” The people of Texas are on the front lines of this crisis, and to make matters worse, this week the President also denied our request for a federal emergency declaration. This Administration’s policies are directly responsible for this crisis, yet their decisions make it worse.
Standing Against Vaccine Mandates

Governor Abbott was correct to issue an executive order on Monday barring companies in Texas from requiring vaccines. We’re a nation founded upon the principle of individual liberty and the Biden Administration continues to flout that principle in their pursuit of total control. My office will be closely monitoring this situation as it is undoubtedly challenged in court, and I will do everything in my power to ensure liberty prevails.


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Rep. Gooden Meets with President Trump

On Monday, I met with President Trump in Florida to discuss issues impacting my constituents in Texas and how House conservatives can fight back against Nancy Pelosi’s radical socialist agenda. I also pledged to continue my fight against big tech censorship as Co-Chair of the Freedom from Big Tech Caucus.


          Rep. Gooden’s wife, Alexa, also joined the meeting with President Trump. 
Service Academy Nominations

My office is currently accepting applications from highly qualified students living in the 5th Congressional District of Texas who are interested in attending a U.S. Service Academy! If you or someone you know is interested in applying, please visit my website for application forms and more information about the process.
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