This week, Americans in Virginia, New Jersey, and Long Island said they are tired of President Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s radical agenda. Democrats in Washington should acknowledge the American people do not want to spend trillions of dollars on socialist programs, tax breaks for the rich, and abortion on demand. They are fed up with Democrats’ government overreach and divisive policies.

More importantly, Washington and state governments should take this as a warning to no longer come between a parent and their child’s education. Critical race theory is a dangerous teaching that will further divide us. Our classrooms shouldn’t be a social experiment and our children should not be the test subjects.

Taxpaying citizens in this country are tired of the President prioritizing everyone but Americans. Energy production has been crippled here at home while oil producers have benefited abroad. If you come here illegally, we’ll send you a $450,000 check. The list goes on and on. Our country is in desperate need of leadership and the Democrats continue to be missing in action.

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Rather than inserting a racist and anti-American agenda into our classrooms, and pushing parents out of the decision-making process, federal and state governments should focus on improving the quality of our education system. The pandemic has set students back both academically and socially, and it’s time to return to in-person learning five days a week across the country. Parental involvement is key to success and I will work to ensure every parent has a say in their child’s education.  


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On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control officially recommended the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children age five to eleven. The Administration proceeded with administering those shots the very next day. Given their track record and desire for total control, it is only a matter of time before they mandate these vaccines for all children attending public school. On Thursday, I introduced the Keeping Immunizations Discretionary for Students (KIDS) Act, which prevents the Biden Administration from withholding federal funds to any school or locality that refuses to implement a vaccine mandate. 


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Despite the clear sign that Americans are fed up with his radical agenda, President Biden is pushing ahead with passing his multi-trillion-dollar socialist wish list. The problems with this bill are endless, but one provision stuck out this week: the introduction of $5 billion for leftwing gun control programs. Joe Biden is once again proving he has no respect for our Second Amendment rights.


EXCLUSIVE: Republicans To Introduce Legislation To Prevent Vaccine Mandates In School

Texas Republican Rep. Lance Gooden is set to introduce legislation Thursday aimed to prevent vaccine mandates in schools.

The legislation would prevent the federal government from withholding education funds on the basis of vaccination requirements.



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