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Last week, I visited the U.S.-Mexico border following information my office received from a whistleblower of nonprofit organizations facilitating the movement of illegal immigrants throughout the United States. What I found should alarm every American citizen. 

Nonprofit groups across the country are enabling the mass relocation of migrants from the border to communities nationwide. To make matters worse, they are providing these undocumented migrants with maps of U.S. cities, letters detailing how to get through airport security without identification, and a roadmap to remain in our country. 

The whistleblower documents my office received, combined with what I witnessed at the border, have given me overwhelming evidence that nonprofits and U.S. corporations are aiding and abetting human smuggling. These organizations receive federal dollars and are working in coordination with the Biden Administration, meaning taxpayer dollars and our own government are facilitating this state-sanctioned invasion. 

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One of the most alarming pieces of information in the whistleblower documents is that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is allowing illegal migrants, many unknown to U.S. law enforcement officers, to board a commercial flight without proper identification. On Wednesday, I sent a letter to the Transportation Security Administration demanding answers and transparency. Millions of Americans will be travelling next week for the Thanksgiving holiday and they deserve to know they can do so safely. 

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On Friday, Speaker Pelosi forced through one of the most radical and expensive pieces of legislation in our nation’s history. This legislation is full of Green New Deal policies and socialist programs that will bankrupt our nation. As soon as this bill passes the Senate, Americans can expect the IRS to begin monitoring their bank accounts, taxpayers will be forced to subsidize abortion, and millions of illegal immigrants will be granted amnesty. The only thing this bill will do is pour fuel onto the fire of every crisis our country is currently facing.

Rep. Gooden Joins Fox and Friends to Discuss Border Trip 


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Congressman Gooden Joins Sean Hannity to Discuss Whistleblower 

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Texas lawmaker uncovers secret operation to move migrants across the US, house them in abandoned hotels

Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Texas, said Monday that he has uncovered a secret operation by nonprofits to house and move migrants within the United States, providing them with a packet on how to navigate and assimilate into the country.

EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Demand Answers From TSA Over Whistleblower Packet Showing Operation To Move Migrants Into US

Republican Texas Rep. Lance Gooden and a group of House Republicans sent a letter Wednesday to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator David Pekoske demanding answers as to why migrants are being allowed to fly without proper identification.


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