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Dear Friend,


It’s become abundantly clear the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is plotting an ideological and economic global takeover, which includes taking down the United States. We can’t stand by and let China and its communist regime continue down this path without protecting ourselves.


This is why I’m honored to join my colleagues in the House to serve on the newly-formed China Task Force to protect our freedoms and national security. The China Task Force will be used as a clearinghouse for ideas on China policy, including the Chinese Communist Party’s influence activity, supply chain dominance and infiltration and intellectual property theft at American universities. 


This task force is made up of members from diverse areas all around the country, including ours. I’m looking forward to bringing my experiences as a Green Beret to this task force – but I also need your help to inform what our state and district want to see this task force prioritize. 


Stay tuned for future emails about our work on this task force, including surveys so you can tell me your thoughts on this important issue.




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In Service,



Michael Waltz

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