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Dear Friend,

Today, I voted NO on Speaker Pelosi’s latest 1,800 page $3 trillion partisan coronavirus stimulus packageInstead of getting our country back to work, Democrats want to overspend and overstep to keep Americans on unemployment and pass policies to appease the left. Speaker Pelosi crafted this bill behind closed, partisan doors without member or committee engagement.

We have a responsibility to help Americans during this pandemic but that does not mean we can frivolously spend trillions of dollars on provisions UNRELATED to coronavirus, some of which include: 

  • $285 million in wasteful spending, including over $130 million for unrelated environmental agencies
  • Bailouts for union pensions
  • Bailouts for the U.S. Postal Service
  • Paycheck Protection Program loans for lobbyists and their clients
  • Federalizing elections and relaxing voter ID requirements 
  • Incentives for illegal immigration, including federal funding for sanctuary cities
  • Early release for federal prisoners

For these reasons, I could not support this bill. With millions of Americans on unemployment rolls, it’s critical the House focuses on defeating this virus and getting our economy back on track – neither of which could be accomplished through this legislation.

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Michael Waltz

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