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As a Green Beret and combat veteran, I know firsthand the importance of a well-equipped, well-prepared military force. Right now, our country is facing enumerable threats from adversaries like Russia and China, whose technology and military capabilities are advancing rapidly.

This week, the House of Representatives bridged partisan divide to protect American interests and pass the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
This bill ensures America can face all emerging challenges we may encounter while safeguarding our national strategic interests at home and abroad. 

I’m proud to tell you that this year’s defense bill included several of my priorities, including:

  • PROTECTING AGAINST CHINESE ESPIONAGE: China’s foreign talent recruitment program, commonly referred to as the Thousand Talents Program, incentivizes Chinese nationals to gain access to American research and send it back to the Chinese government. The NDAA will identify foreign talent recruitment programs posing a risk to national security AND require universities to disclose foreign funding, so we can keep China’s spying and monetary influence OUT of our universities.
  • IMPROVING MILITARY HOUSING: Our military and their families sacrifice so much for our freedom. Sadly, we hear too many stories of unsafe military housing. This is unacceptable – and it’s why I sponsored an amendment to improve housing standards for military members and their families, so they have a safe place to call home.
  • BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS FOR OUR SERVICE WOMENRight now, many of our pregnant women in the military are on the hook to pay for maternity uniforms. These uniforms often cost hundreds of dollars which could be used for childcare expenses and preparing for a newborn baby. Providing for our troops means caring for all our service members, including women, which is why I sponsored a bill to give service women access to affordable maternity uniforms.
  • REVIEWING AFGHANISTAN TROOP WITHDRAWAL: As a Green Beret and veteran of the War on Terror, I know firsthand that the war in Afghanistan has been long and costly. However, to protect America from further terrorist attacks, it’s crucial we carefully review the national security and strategic risks before withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. This bill ensures Congress and the American people are informed of potential national security risks of withdrawal.
  • PROMOTING PTSD RESEARCH: Many veterans return from war suffering from an invisible illness: post-traumatic stress disorder. We must help our veterans suffering from PTSD. This bipartisan amendment promotes research and treatment of PTSD through a collaborative partnership with Israel, so our veterans can lead happy, healthy lives.
  • PROVIDING FOR OUR FIRST RESPONDERSOur first responders are key to helping our communities during disasters and emergencies. My BRENDA amendment gives first responders access to critical supplies and commissaries while serving on our military bases. We should make sure our first responders have all the supplies they need while they keep our communities safe. I named this bill after my mom, Brenda and I’m glad to see it pass! 
  • SECURING OUR MILITARY BASES FROM EXTREMISM: Last December, a terrorist from Saudi Arabia killed three Navy sailors at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola. We can’t allow this to happen again. My amendment enhances vetting of foreign nationals training at U.S. military bases to ensure we keep our bases and service members safe.

Other priorities included in this year’s NDAA:

  • AIDING IN THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19: All around the country, our service members are helping America respond to COVID-19. This year’s defense bill provides testing, tools and equipment our service members need to fight and defeat coronavirus.
  • CRACKING DOWN ON HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS: Right now, China is actively working to destroy the Uighur people, a religious minority in China. Uighurs are imprisoned, forced into labor camps and brainwashed to be subservient to China’s Communist Party. The NDAA includes legislation to crack down on American technological exports to China, so they cannot use any of these tools to spy on and persecute religious minorities.
  • BRINGING AMERICAN HOSTAGES HOME: Bob Levinson was a former South Florida FBI agent who was taken hostage in Iran in 2007. He was the longest-held American hostage until he was presumed dead in March after being held captive for 13 years. Sadly, there are many other Americans being held hostage abroad. This is why the House passed a measure to strengthen efforts to return our hostages back to the U.S. We must bring ALL Americans home.

Our country is the wonderful place it is today thanks to the sacrifice and service of our men and women in uniform. I was proud to vote in favor of this year’s defense bill and hope it makes our military and our country proud.


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In Service,




Michael Waltz

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