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It’s our duty in Congress and in the military to care for ALL service members, both men and women. Unfortunately, there are still obstacles for many service women –  including pregnant women – in our military to overcome.


Right now, many pregnant women serving in the military are on the hook to pay for expensive maternity uniforms throughout their pregnancy. These uniforms often cost hundreds of dollars, which could instead be used for childcare expenses, diapers and preparing for their newborn baby.  


Our service women shouldn’t have to choose whether to comfortably serve or to have a family. They should be able to do both – and Congress should help them along the way.  


This is why Rep. Deb Haaland and I created the Rent the Camo Act, a bill to provide access to affordable maternity uniforms to relieve this financial burden on our service women, so they can continue to serve our country. I’m very proud to tell you the House passed this measure recently and I look forward to it becoming law.


If we want to continue to have the greatest military in the world, we need to ensure women’s inclusion and continue breaking down barriers they face while serving. 


Click below to watch Rep. Deb Haaland and me discuss the Rent the Camo Act: 




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