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Thank you for reading my newsletter! My team and I continue to work for you and our community. It was a very eventful week and I’m excited to tell you about what we accomplished. Here are some highlights:

  • I introduced a constitutional amendment to prevent the expansion of the U.S. Supreme Court
  • The House passed my legislation to award U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Alwyn Cashe the Medal of Honor and to name St. Augustine’s new U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) clinic in honor of Army Private First Class Leo Chase Jr.
  • The House passed a bill to improve veterans’ mental health care and to prevent veteran suicide
  • I participated in the International Coastal Cleanup Day at Flagler Beach

PROTECTING OUR SUPREME COURT: Democrats are currently threatening to expand the Supreme Court, putting the integrity of our nation’s highest court in jeopardy. Adding two more justices, as Democrats are proposing to do after the election, would set a very dangerous precedent, allowing any party in power to expand and add justices to further their political agenda. The Supreme Court plays a critical role in checking the balance of power within our federal government and protecting our rights – and we can’t let partisan divides alter the makeup of our court tomorrow. To protect the future of our democracy, I’ve introduced a constitutional amendment with Rep. Doug Collins to prevent Democrats from packing our Supreme Court.

ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE MEDAL OF HONOR FOR SFC ALWYN CASHE: The story of Alwyn Cashe is an inspiration to so many in Florida and around our country. While deployed in Iraq in 2005, Army Sergeant First Class Alwyn Cashe lost his life saving the lives of three fellow soldiers trapped in a burning vehicle struck by an IED. He went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure no man was left behind. Cashe is more than deserving of the Medal of Honor and I’m proud the House has passed my bill to authorize President Trump to award him with our nation’s highest honorI hope the Senate quickly follows suit so we can finally recognize this fallen soldier for his heroism and sacrifice for our great country.

Click below to hear more about SFC Cashe, a Florida and American hero:


HONORING A NORTHEAST FLORIDA HERO: Army Private First Class Leo C. Chase Jr. was the first soldier from St. Johns County to die in the Vietnam War. He was just five days from finishing his tour when he and other soldiers with the 7th Cavalry were airlifted into South Vietnam, where Chase lost his life. Chase is a hometown and American hero – and that’s why I’ve been working with fellow Florida Congressman John Rutherford on a bill to name our new top-notch VA clinic in his honor. I am so proud to tell you this legislation passed the House this week and is headed to President Trump’s desk for signing. Now, all who enter this clinic will know PFC Chase’s name and story. 


PFC Leo C. Chase Jr. 

IMPROVING VETERANS MENTAL HEALTH CARE: As a veteran, I’ve thought a lot about my own experiences with post-traumatic stress and survivor’s guilt. Sadly, many veterans are finding it more and more difficult to reach out for help, especially as COVID has forced many of us to socially distance and isolate. It’s so important we work together to ensure our veterans have access to the care they need, especially in their darkest hour. This is why I’m proud Congress just passed legislation to give veterans better access to mental health services to help prevent veteran suicide. In combat, veterans have each other’s back – and now, in Congress, we’re not only honoring them but showing them we have their back as well.

KEEPING FLORIDA’S BEACHES CLEAN: Floridians love our beaches and oceans and know just how important it is for them to stay beautiful. Last weekend, I participated in Flagler Beach’s International Coastal Cleanup Day, the world’s largest volunteer effort to keep beaches, oceans, rivers and waterways clean. I was so proud to see so many people from our area come out and help, including Flagler Palm Coast High School. Together, we can keep Florida beautiful!


Helping clean Flagler Beach with Flagler Palm Coast High School

CONSTITUENT SUCCESS STORY: Patricia Murphy of Enterprise reached out to my office for help obtaining back pay Social Security Administration owed her. I’m happy to report that with help from my amazing team, Patricia received her deposit from the Social Security Payment Center within three days! 

HELPING YOU NAVIGATE THE FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY: Are you struggling to navigate federal bureaucracy? My office can help with the VA, a passport, Social Security, the IRS or any other federal agency. Click here for more information about how we can assist you or call one of my three district offices below: 

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