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Dear Friend,

Are you struggling to navigate federal bureaucracy? As your representative, I’ve made it my mission to make Congress and federal agencies more accessible and more transparent. My offices are here to help with the Veterans Affairs Administration, a passport, Social Security Benefits, the IRS or any other federal agency.

In order for our office to work with a federal agency on your behalf, we are required to obtain a signed privacy release form in-person or by email. Unfortunately, the old system created delays as obtaining the form was unnecessarily complicated, preventing my staff from getting you the help you need.

That changes today! We know that every day and every second counts – and I couldn't be more excited to announce our office’s new digital privacy release formThis new form is easy to use and can be completed on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. The form also allows you to upload any supporting documents needed to process your request so that we can work on resolving your issue more quickly. 

Visit my website to learn more about our new digital privacy release:


As always, our offices are open and ready to help. Please feel free to reach out if my team or I can ever be of service. Click here for more information about how we can assist you or call one of my three district offices below: 

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Michael Waltz

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