June 28, 2022

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Last week, the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision. This was a major step to protect the most precious and basic right: the right to life. Roe v. Wade was unconstitutional. The pro-life community has always known this. Every innocent life is precious, from conception until natural death, but for nearly five decades, abortion remained one of the biggest tragedies in our nation.

Thanks to advances in science and modern medicine, the humanity of the unborn child is undeniable. At six weeks, an unborn child has a beating heart and by 15 weeks unborn children can suck their thumbs, have fully formed noses and lips, eyes and eyebrows, and they can feel excruciating pain.

Roe put judges in charge of abortion policy, imposing laws legislated by unelected judges that left Americans without a voice. Now, thanks to this Supreme Court, the American people will be able to decide the issue of abortion through their elected officials.

This is what democracy looks like. Elected leaders, accountable to the people they represent, propose and pass the laws that the people support.

The Constitution gives the people this job. The people are ready to protect life.


I joined top leaders in the House Republican Conference applauding this decision. You can watch the full press conference here.



S. 2938 and 2nd Amendment Rights

Last week, S. 2938, the "Bipartisan Safer Communities Act", passed through the Senate and the House. I voted against this legislation, because at its core, it is an effort to chip away at the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Democrats have said repeatedly that this is just a small step towards larger gun-grabbing legislation.

House Republicans are committed to identifying and solving the root causes of violent crimes and bolstering school security, but doing so must not infringe upon the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. For example, just earlier this week, we voted on the bipartisan Restoring Hope for Mental Health and Well-Being Act. This bill contains the bulk of the mental health care provisions included in the Senate bill, without infringing on 2nd Amendment rights.

I managed the debate on the House Floor in opposition to this legislation, and you can watch my full opening statement here.


Now Accepting Fall Internship Applications

If you are a college student interested in learning about the legislative process, you should apply for a paid internship in my office! This is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience working in Congress on things that matter to the 7th District and to America.

For more information and to apply, please visit my website

Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program

My office is now accepting applications for the Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program in my district offices!

To apply, you must be a veteran and meet the qualifying requirements:

  • Honorably discharged;
  • Released from active duty within the last six years;
  • Pay grades at or below E-5/O-3/W-2;
  • Veterans promoted to the pay grades of E-6/O-4/W-3 within 6 months of separation from active duty are eligible, granted they meet all other eligibility requirements.  
  • Veterans who are in receipt of a 20-year or Temporary Early Retirement (TERA) retirement are not eligible for the program. No waivers will be granted. 

Click here for more information and to apply.


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I always love getting to talk with school groups from the 7th District when they're visiting D.C. Recently, I was able to meet groups from Tracy, Henning, and a wonderful 4H group in town for their Citizenship Washington Focus Conference. If you know of a student group coming out to D.C., be sure to contact my office to set up a time for us to meet!

Thank you for reading!

As always, my office is open and ready to serve constituents of Minnesota's Seventh Congressional District! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can do to help. Have a great week!








Michelle Fischbach

Member of  Congress


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