September 21, 2022

Dear Friend:


Last week, the House passed H.R. 5952, a bill to honor the life of Jon Glawe, a Vergas, Minnesota mail carrier of 36 years who left a remarkable impact on his community. 


You can watch my full remarks and hear more of Mr. Glawe's story here.




Jon passed away in 2016 and left behind a loving family and many friends. His son-in-law, Eric, and grandchildren, EJ, Spencer, and Thatcher, were able to watch the vote from the gallery. It was wonderful to have family present for such a momentous occasion.






On Upholding 2nd Amendment Rights

Several credit card companies have implemented a new classification of gun sales. Because we live in a time where the Left and their supporters are trying to strip away 2nd Amendment rights, I joined 100 of my colleagues in demanding answers from the CEOs of these companies to ensure this system is not used to track law-abiding gun owners or infringe on their Constitutional Rights.

You can read the full letter here.


2022 Fueling Growth Award

I was honored to receive the Fueling Growth Award from Growth Energy, the leading biofuel trade association that supports American biofuels, such as ethanol. 


I am proud to continually support American ethanol as a path to energy independence, lower gas prices, and improving the environment for future generations. By utilizing ethanol, our nation's fuel supply increases, and our reliance on foreign energy decreases. Further, using American energy reduces gas prices and costs for groceries and other goods. Biofuels are also a cleaner and more sustainable replacement for fossil fuels that support economic growth for U.S. farmers in rural areas.

I have repeatedly called on the Biden-Harris Administration to support ethanol and biodiesel by adhering to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) obligations, which ensures a sustainable level of transportation fuel contains biofuel made here in our backyards. I am honored to have been recognized by Growth Energy and will continue to fight for and support homegrown biofuels that will bring consumers relief from the mounting inflation affecting our country.

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When I was back in District, I met with law enforcement officers from Swift and Clay Counties to hear about the challenges their local departments are facing and discuss their thoughts on potential legislative solutions. My Republican colleagues and I are committed to recruiting and protecting our law enforcement.

Coming Up...

The government has a lot to get done before everyone goes back home for October. Namely, we only have 9 days to get the government funded, and we have yet to hear a plan from the Democrats.


As always, my office is open and ready to serve constituents of Minnesota's Seventh Congressional District! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can do to help. Have a great weekend!








Michelle Fischbach

Member of  Congress


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