News from Representative Carson

September 18, 2020

Dear Friend,

As summer turns to fall, we must remain vigilant in our fight against COVID-19. We have already lost nearly 200,000 Americans to this deadly virus, including almost 3,500 of our fellow Hoosiers. Now, as the weather turns cooler and people spend more time indoors, we are heading into a time of the year when many viruses spread more easily. 

That’s why we all need to continue doing as much as we can to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and other members of our community from this virus. The studies show that simple but powerful actions like wearing masks and getting a flu shot can go a long way in saving lives, so let’s keep it up. Small sacrifices can make a big difference as we continue to face this pandemic together.

I continue urging my colleagues in Congress to take strong action to help prepare our nation for the tough months ahead. The House did this last May by passing the Heroes Act, our boldest COVID-19 relief bill yet. However, the Senate has refused to bring it up for a vote.

Let me be clear: I want to work with all of my colleagues, including Republicans, to pass a strong relief package, but they don’t seem to be facing reality. They are taking cues from misguided leaders who think the pandemic is behind us and the economy has bounced back. We know this just isn’t the case. I urge all my colleagues to accept the facts about this virus and its ongoing devastation to our country. Their anti-science attitude and disdain for science hurts our fight against COVID-19. 

If we want to beat this virus and save lives, we have to put our differences aside, face the facts, and work together. Hoosiers are doing this every day, and it’s time Washington followed our lead. 

P.S. Don’t forget -- the deadline to fill out the Census is September 30. For details on how to respond, please visit


Your Friend,


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