News from Representative Carson

December 11, 2020 

Dear Friend,

I want to give you an update on our efforts in Congress to pass another bipartisan, COVID-19 relief bill. As the virus rages in Indiana and across the country, additional relief is needed more than ever. 

I am as disappointed and frustrated as you by the fact that it has taken so long to pass more relief. The truth is, House Democrats passed an additional stimulus package months ago called the Heroes Act, but the Republican-controlled Senate refused to take it up. All the while, the situation got more and more troubling across America. 

Enough is enough. People are hurting, and I won’t rest until Congress and the White House work together to pass an additional stimulus that Hoosiers, and all Americans, desperately need. I am hopeful that we are making progress as bipartisan negotiations continue, but more work remains.

Both parties need to come together to create an effective stimulus bill, but we can’t water it down. Any package passed should have sufficient help for workers who have been furloughed or laid off, strong support for our frontline workers, efforts to improve testing, a plan to distribute a vaccine efficiently and equitably, and much more. I also believe strongly that it should provide additional stimulus checks to Americans to help them weather the tough months ahead.

I will keep fighting for these essential provisions, and I’ll keep working with Republicans and Democrats to get an additional stimulus passed. Achieving this will help make the difference between a continuation of 2020’s hardship, or a better 2021.


Your Friend,


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