News from Representative Carson

February 5, 2021

Dear friend,
Congress has a duty to advance actions that will benefit our communities, as well as a duty to push back on actions that will harm them. This week, we did both. 
The House and the Senate voted for a budget resolution that will expedite passage of another round of COVID-19 relief. Next, the House and the Senate will draft a reconciliation bill -- meaning one that can pass both chambers by a simple majority -- which gets us a big step closer to providing more help for our communities as soon as possible. COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths are still extremely high, and we need to strengthen our efforts to fight the virus’ toll on our health and our economy. I’m thankful we now have a President who understands the severity of this crisis, and is working with Congress to address it.
The House also pushed back on the dangerous threats and conspiracy theories of one of its newest Members. Yesterday, we voted to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia from her committee assignments -- the Budget Committee and the Committee on Education and Labor. Her extreme and violent statements make her unfit to serve on these committees, and in Congress altogether.
Long before she was elected, Rep. Greene promoted hatred, violence and dangerous conspiracy theories. After her election, she helped stoke the violent attack on the Capitol, where I was specifically targeted for being Muslim. She's using her platform in this institution not to help people, but to further her violent, hateful agenda. I welcome respectful disagreement, but her words are downright dangerous, and our legislative body had a duty to act.
This week is also the beginning of Black History Month. For centuries, Black Americans have persevered through bondage, oppression, and cruelty -- and still we rise. We're forever indebted to our ancestors throughout history, known and unsung, who fought for our rights and dignity. The struggle continues, and I will keep fighting in the 117th Congress for equality and justice for every American.


Your Friend,


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