District Update |January 24, 2022                                                                                 

Dear Friend,

I hope you were able to reset over the weekend. Last week was yet another productive work period in our nation's Capitol. It was nice to get back home to the 6th district to close out the week. Please find my update below.

Democrat Policies Hurt The Poor


Last Wednesday, I gave a speech on the House Floor outlining the deep concerns I have for our economic future in the coming year. I discussed how the current problems are being perpetuated by the far left’s legislative proposals, and why their push to spend trillions of tax dollars will do lasting harm.


Calling On Secretary Yellen To End The Biden Administration’s Threat


On January 14th, the Treasury Department issued a fiscal threat against Arizona’s teachers and students. They stated that federal funds designated for specific education programs would be taken back unless Arizona enforced a Washington, D.C. policy view on masks in schools.

This type of government overreach and intimidation cannot stand, and it has no place in classrooms across our state. I sent a letter to Secretary Yellen calling on her to retract the threat and end the Biden Administration’s interference in local education. You can read the full letter here.


Newly Revealed TSA Policy Poses Security Problems


News came out late last week that the TSA is allowing illegal immigrants to use arrest warrants as official identification at airports. At a time when our border continues to see surges in illegal crossings, this news comes as a shock. There are many problems with the policy, but a major part of it has to do with national security. Is this really the best way to keep our country safe?


I Will Always Fight For Life


As you may know, protecting the unborn is an important issue to me, and it has been my entire life. I have shared my personal story of how I was given the gift of life when my birth mother chose life and gave me up for adoption, and I am so grateful for that every single day.

Last week, as thousands of people came to Washington, D.C. to stand up for the unborn, I was proud to stand on the House Floor in solidarity with them.


Wishing you a productive week ahead. I always appreciate you taking the time to get up to date on my recent work for the 6th district of Arizona. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach my office.


David Schweikert

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