District Update |January 31, 2022                                                                                 

Dear Friend,

I hope you had a great week and restful weekend. Below, I wanted to provide you with an update on important news, along with my recent work on behalf of Arizona's 6th district.


Urging Secretary Yellen To Fix The IRS Backlogs


With tax season officially underway, I know that many of you have begun preparing to file your taxes for the year. Last week, the Treasury Department publicly stated that Americans should expect delays in receiving their tax returns. The last thing we need is to add yet another factor to the list of financial burdens currently facing Americans. Inflation is already forcing everyone, everywhere to spend more money on basic necessities. For many, their tax returns may serve as a resource to combat these draining effects.

I joined my colleagues on a bipartisan basis in urging Secretary Yellen to take concrete, actionable steps to fix the backlog issues and get the IRS moving efficiently. You can read the full letter here.


2021 Illegal Immigration Numbers Are Shocking


The historic surges at our Southern border over the past year are deeply concerning. In December alone, there were a recorded 178,840 enforcement encounters, which is a 142% increase over last December. This brings the total encounters for 2021 to nearly 2 million.

The Biden Administration has completely failed to handle the crisis, and their open border policies have only exacerbated the problem. The proof is in the numbers and border states like Arizona are the ones hit the hardest from these loose policies.


Democrats Want The Pandemic to Last Until 2025


Later this week, House Democrats are forcing a vote on a China-related competition bill. This legislation has little to do with competing with China - as it claims. On the contrary, the bill was actually created to bolster unions and green new deal initiatives, and does little to actually constrain China’s growing ambitions or protect our national security.

Among the worst provisions in this bill is a line about the COVID-19 pandemic. The Democrats put in writing that their ideal end date to the pandemic is December 31, 2025. That’s more than three years from now. So while the left tries to prolong the pandemic restrictions, I have been working since last year to end them. For more information on my Pandemic Cessation Act, click here.


Groundbreaking Ceremony at Rancho Solano


Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending the groundbreaking ceremony for Scottsdale’s brand new Rancho Solano PreK-5 school.

It is schools like this that create amazing learning environments for our children to excel in their education. It is so exciting to have another top notch school  in the 6th Congressional District.


Thank you for taking the time to read my weekly news update. I always appreciate and encourage your feedback. For questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my office.



David Schweikert

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