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News from Representative Costa

Dear Friend,

Over the last thirty days, I’ve been working for you! From repairing our supply chain, preserving our water supply to countering domestic violence. Here are some highlights:

Building a Medical School in the Valley

Access to quality healthcare in the San Joaquin Valley is a serious challenge that cannot be ignored. We don’t have enough doctors and nurses for our growing population, a problem only made worse by the pandemic.

Last week,
Governor Newsom
, Assemblyman Adam Gray, Senator Anna Caballero, Chancellor Munoz, and I announced a

$200 million investment

UC Merced
to build its health education building. This is a huge win for our Valley, our students, and its residents! This is the foundation for a medical school in our Valley.

For 40 years I have worked with others to build a medical school in the Valley. I’ve introduced legislation to establish medical training in areas of high need, with priorities for funding given to institutions, such as UCSF Fresno and
UC Merced
. I will keep fighting until we make it happen, and with our state-federal partnership we can get the job done.

Preserving Valley Water

Amid the drought crisis, we must do all we can to provide a sustainable reliable water supply to our communities. That is why, I led a


with Reps.
to state and federal agencies expressing concerns about new filings in California’s lawsuit challenging the Central Valley Project (CVP) and protections for endangered fish species, would make this effort more difficult.

In addition, we joined
Senator Feinstein
in a


calling to delay implementation of the interim operating plan for the CVP and the State Water Project. It’s essential that we bring everyone to the table to develop a workable and flexible water plan that gives balance to our communities, farmers, and the environment.

Repairing our Supply Chain

We have a crisis in our ports. The pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of our global supply chain, which is delaying shipments of everything from food to retail to healthcare supplies.

To fix these supply chain issues, I co-sponsored the

Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021

. This legislation, which we hope to get passed by the end of the year, will update federal regulations for the global shipping industry, support American exports, and reduce trade imbalances with China and other countries.

I joined
Full Court Press
with Greta Van Susteren to discuss the ports issues and how passing this legislation and the bipartisan
package will help.

Uplifting Social Security

Social Security Administration (SSA)
announced that the annual
Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
for 2022 will increase by by
, the largest since 1982. As we recover from the pandemic, it’s critical that our seniors have access to the benefits they deserve to meet their needs and keep up with rising costs.

In addition, I joined my colleagues and social security advocates to introduce the

Social Security 2100: A Sacred Trust Act

, of which I am a co-sponsor. This transformative bill will enhance and expand benefits to our most vulnerable and ensure all seniors can retire with dignity!

Strengthening diplomatic relations

I was honored to
join a congressional delegation
to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s 67th Annual Session, where we voted on resolutions pertaining to relations with Russia, the ongoing crisis in Belarus, and the role of disinformation in society.

In Tashkent, our delegation met with Uzbek government leaders to convey our appreciation for the support Uzbekistan provided to the U.S.-led evacuation efforts from Afghanistan and discuss regional security challenges.

Countering Domestic Violence

For National
month, I spoke on the house floor to raise awareness of the social and physical impacts of domestic violence. As Chairman and Co-Founder of the
Congressional Crime Survivors and Justice Caucus
, it’s my priority to advocate for survivors and provide them the resources they deserve.

This week, I proudly voted for the

Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act (FVPSA)

, of which I am a co-sponsor. This bill will expand funding for programs protecting survivors and preventing domestic violence. We must continue to work together to end this crisis once, and for all.

Bringing back Federal Funding

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
announced a

$177 million award

to repair the

Friant-Kern Canal

, to deliver water to
more than 1 million acres of farmland
250,000 residents
. I applaud these efforts to repair our water infrastructure & bring more water to our Valley!

To bridge the digital divide for Valley students, I helped secure funding through the

Emergency Connectivity fund

for Valley schools and public libraries, including:

Chowchilla Union High School District
- $104,793.00

Fresno Unified School District
- $23,039,556.00

Delhi Unified School District
- $79,118.75

Big Picture High School – Fresno
– $54,540.00

To protect and conserve America’s public lands. The
U.S. Interior Department
announced an

$11 million award

to protect and support land acquisition projects in California.

Do you need help with a Federal Agency?

If you can't get an answer from a federal agency in a timely fashion, my district offices may be able to help resolve a problem or get you the information you need.

Residents of the 16th Congressional District of California can


us for assistance in dealing with federal agencies.
Learn more
about seeking help with a federal agency.

Child Tax Credit

I am proud to support the expanded

child tax credit

to uplift work families. The credit is fully refundable and estimated to cut our national child poverty rate in half.

For more information please visit,


. If you are having trouble receiving your payments, call my district offices for assistance.

Medicare Open Enrollment

It’s that time of the year! The


open enrollment period has begun. You can find or update your plan through December 7, 2021. Visit


for more information.

As we move forward, I will continue to fight to advance your interests and address your concerns as I represent you in Washington. Please remember that my staff and I are here to help. If my office can assist you, please contact us.


Jim Costa
Member of Congress

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