District Update |February 28, 2022                                                                                 

Dear Friend,

I hope you had a productive week. I wanted to provide you with an update of my work this past week in Congress and in Arizona, along with my stance on the recent international news.

Russia's Attack On Ukraine

On Thursday, Vladimir Putin directed the Russian military to launch a devastating and unwarranted attack on Ukraine. Below is my statement on the situation.


I want to reiterate that myself and my staff are here to be a resource to constituents who may be currently in Ukraine. For those who have questions regarding the evolving situation, I encourage you to call my office.


Above is a map that illustrates the gas pipelines linking Russia and Europe.

The crisis unfolding in Ukraine has forced us to reconsider the ways that we as a nation can be proactive in safeguarding the United States and our allies from similar attacks. Reliance on Russian energy has put many European countries in a bind, as they're now faced with difficult decisions regarding the morality of continuing to use Russian sources of energy.

The United States already has the energy resources to make us an energy exporter, but  we need to be empowered to use them. We must stop letting unrealistic green new deal policies drive the narrative and be serious about implementing sustainable energy policy that takes an all-of-the-above approach by propelling the U.S. to be energy independent by using the available resources we have right here at home.

Talking With 6th District Small Businesses


Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in a roundtable with some of the 6th district's small businesses that are located in Cave Creek and Carefree. It was a productive conversation on the ways in which small businesses help lift up our local economy, and how we as members of the community can continue to support and promote them.

Thank You To The Teachers At Bella Vista College Prep


It was a great honor of mine to present congressional awards to four distinguished teachers at Bella Vista College Prep. As a parent, I know how important teachers are in shaping the minds of our future generation, and it’s up to all of us in the community to recognize their hard work.

Tips for Spam and Robocalls


I wanted to briefly share with you some tips to evade relentless spam and robocalls from companies that have managed to skirt around the Do Not Call Registry. Many of the spam calls we receive on our personal phones are coming from overseas, making it hard to regulate them here at home.

To learn about ways to diminish them, please click this link here.


Thank you for taking some time today to read my newsletter. It is so important to me that my constituents know what I am doing at home in Arizona and in Congress on behalf of the 6th district. Please reach my office if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns.



David Schweikert

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