May 26, 2023

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


As we kick off Summer, I hope you are able to enjoy a beautiful weekend with friends and family. I hope you will also take a moment to remember the reason for the holiday, and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. Those men and women gave their lives in defense of America's democratic values and ideals and they and their families should hold a permanent place in all our hearts.





Congress Passes the HALT Fentanyl Act

Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death for Americans ages 18 - 49. It affects every income level in every demographic in every corner of the country. Even in Minnesota's rural and relatively safe 7th District, one of the top issues I hear from police officers is about the dire need to get a handle on fentanyl overdoses. It is a heartbreaking epidemic that must be stopped.

This week, the House took an important first step toward ending this epidemic, and passed H.R. 467, the Halt All Lethal Trafficking of Fentanyl Act or the HALT Fentanyl Act. This legislation would make the currently temporary Schedule I category for fentanyl, or anything mixed with it, permanent. It would supply law enforcement with the tools needed to keep theis dangerous drug, and anything mixed with it, off the streets. And, it would support research efforts to understand the effects of fentanyl-related substances on people's health. 

Introduction of the SAVE Act

Generic food names such as "parmesan" and "bologna" have been recognized for generations. However, governments like the European Union have recently weaponized these names in trade agreements as protectionist barriers to market access by foreign competitors.

I recently joined a bicameral, bipartisan group of colleagues in introducing the Safeguarding American Value-Added Exports (SAVE) Act to protect common names and ensure U.S. agricultural products can be sold worldwide. This legislation amends the Agricultural Trade Act of 1978 to define common names, and requires USDA and the U.S. Trade Representative to proactively negotiate with foreign trade partners to defend the right to use common names for agricultural commodities, and therefore restore access to their markets.

Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Last month, House Republicans passed legislation that addresses our nation's debt crisis by limiting spending, saving taxpayer dollars, and growing the American economy. Meanwhile, President Biden and Senate Democrats sat on their hands. 

Now, they have finally responded to Speaker McCarthy's numerous requests to meet, and negotiations are in progress, but they are still refusing to agree to a sensible solution to the nation's debt crisis.


Joe Biden has negotiated debt limit negotiations before, and he needs to do it again. If we are forced to default, that failure will rest solely with the Democrats.

Thank you to our Spring Interns!

Thank you to our District interns, Ellie and Troy, for the outstanding work they did this Spring! I hope you enjoyed working with the team as much as we enjoyed working with you, and I hope you learned a few things you can take with you to your next adventures!


Thank you for reading!

As always, my office is open and ready to serve constituents of Minnesota's Seventh Congressional District! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can do to help. Have a great weekend!






Michelle Fischbach

Member of  Congress


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