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Dear Friends, 

I hope you are staying safe and healthy. As COVID-19 continues to rise in the state, please know there are testing options available which you can find here.   

ICYMI: Congress must act to protect and expand Social Security benefits 

I recently wrote an op-ed in The Hill: 

“Social Security is our nation’s No. 1 financial security and anti-poverty program. Over its 85 years it has never missed a payment and has been the foundation for Americans’ retirement. As the country continues to fight the ever-worsening coronavirus pandemic and having elected a new president and Congress, the urgent need to protect and expand Social Security benefits must be addressed. 

Sixty four million Americans currently receive benefits and 178 million workers are paying into Social Security with each and every paycheck, expecting that Social Security will be there when they need it. As President-elect Biden has said, Social Security is a sacred obligation that Congress must uphold.” 

Read the full piece here

Congressional Updates: 

  • Negotiations continue for additional COVID relief. I will continue to work with my colleagues to secure more resources for those who are unemployed, small businesses, and our state and local governments. Despite several bipartisan proposals , Majority Leader McConnell is refusing to negotiate. Our state and local governments and first responders have been on the frontline of this pandemic and they need  relief. Majority Leader McConnell is refusing to include aid for them in a relief package so far.  
  • I sent a letter with my colleagues to demand that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) resolve all remaining inquiries on people’s pending stimulus payments before the end of the year. The IRS has said they are going to stop processing these payments at the end of the year. 
  • I voted for the House passage of the ALS Disability Insurance Access Act. The bill removes the five month waiting period for ALS patients to apply for benefits. You can view my floor remarks here.  
  • My colleague, Rep. Joe Courtney, and I introduced the Pandemic Supplies Production Act to nationalize the production and distribution of essential supplies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. A strong national plan will ensure our country has the resources it needs to battle COVID-19.  

Open Enrollment: 

Open Enrollment is currently happening in Connecticut through December 15th. To learn more and explore health insurance options you can visit From there you can find information on plans, speak to an enrollment specialist, or connect with a professional broker to learn more.  

John B. Larson
Member of Congress


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