District Update March 28, 2022     

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I hope you had a great weekend. Below, please find an update on my most recent work back home in the 6th district.


Inflation Continues To Hit Arizona The Hardest


Inflation hit 10.9% in our Phoenix-Scottsdale community, that’s the highest in the nation. It is high time President Biden take swift action to tackle the primary contributors of inflation by restoring our supply chains, prioritizing American energy independence, and encouraging Americans to get back into the labor force.

We must put a stop to the never-ending cycle of spending coming out of Washington, which has forced many of you, and Americans everywhere, to spend an excessive amount of your income on basic necessities day in, and day out. The American people deserve to know when and how the current administration plans to tackle this crippling inflation.


New Airport Security Technology at Sky Harbor


Last week, the State of Arizona, in collaboration with TSA and Apple, released new technology that will now allow airline passengers to use their state-issued mobile driver's license or mobile identification card in your Apple Wallet or Apple Watch to verify your identity for airport screening purposes.

This is a pivotal step towards improving the efficiency of airport security and screening operations. I have always been a staunch advocate for using the technology we have at our fingertips to improve outdated mechanisms, and Sky Harbor will lead the way in introducing these new processes to airports across the country. For more on this please click here.


Honoring Arizona's Police Chief of the Year


On Tuesday, it was a pleasure of mine to meet with Scottsdale Police Chief Jeff Walther, who was named Arizona’s Police Chief of the Year. I was pleased to recognize him for his outstanding efforts to make our communities safer as well as hear about his leadership throughout his time in service.

Thank you to all the men and women in blue for what you do every day and congratulations Chief Walther!


Are You Interested In Participating in the 2022 Congressional Art Competition?


I am pleased to announce and invite the talented high school students of the 6th district to the 2022 Congressional Art Competition!  The annual competition celebrates the artistic achievements of the nation’s high school students.  The first place winner’s piece will be displayed in the U.S. Capitol, alongside winners from other district and states!

Please call my District Office at (480) 946-2411 to make arrangements to submit and drop off your artwork.   The deadline to submit your artwork is Friday, April 22nd 2022.


Thank you for taking the time to read my weekly newsletter. I always appreciate your thoughtful feedback, so that I am able to get a better understanding of the issues that are most important to my constituents. For any questions, comments, or concerns please contact my office.



David Schweikert