July 1, 2023

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SCOTUS Rules Biden's Student Loan "Forgiveness" Scheme Unconstitutional

Last Summer, President Biden announced he would bypass Congress's authority over federal spending in order to "forgive" student debt across the country to the tune of $400 billion. Of course, that money would have to some from somewhere. 87% of taxpayers without student loans would be forced to pay for the 13% who chose to take on loans.

House Republicans have been saying for months that this scheme was an abuse of power and likely unconstitutional. Not to mention the fact that it would do nothing to address the rising cost of education, and it would be a slap in the face to everyone who took on extra jobs during college, have already worked to pay off their loans, or chose not to go to college.

Of course, shortly after the announcement, six states sued Joe Biden, challenging the scheme in Biden v. Nebraska, and the Supreme Court decided to take up the case.

This week, in a 6-3 vote, the justices ruled that federal law does not authorize the Department of Education to forgive student debt. I'm thankful to the Court for upholding the rule of law and preventing President Biden from abusing executive orders at the burden of America's taxpayers.

Fall Internships

My office is now accepting Fall internship applications for my Willmar, Moorhead, and D.C. offices! If you are interested in first-hand knowledge of how federal legislation works or know someone who is, please visit my website!

Congressional App Challenge

Students from Minnesota's Seventh Congressional District are invited create and submit their own app for the annual Congressional App Challenge! The competition is open to all middle and high school students who meet eligibility requirements. Winners will be selected by panels of judges drawn from the local community and will be eligible to be featured on display in the U.S. Capitol building and on the Congressional App Challenge website. You can register for entry here.



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