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Dear Friends, 

Starting on July 15th many families in the First District will begin receiving a monthly payment from the enhanced Child Tax Credit from the American Rescue Plan. Eligible families will begin to receive $250 per month per child six and up, and $300 per month for every child under the age of six. 

Most Americans who file taxes will see these benefits delivered automatically beginning July 15. If you do not have to file a tax return because of your income bracket, the IRS created a portal that opened this week to submit the necessary information to receive your benefits. Please click here to sign up to receive these monthly payments.  

Additionally, the IRS will soon be launching a tool to quickly determine eligibility, and a portal that will allow you to update information that affects your eligibility.  When released, those tools will be available here

This expansion of the Child Tax Credit is hugely beneficial to the First District: 

  • 77.1% of children in the district will gain from expanded and improved Child Tax Credit — 115,800 children. 
  • The average benefit for 38,900 households is $2,600. 
  • The expanded and improved Child Tax Credit lifts 7,800 children in CT-01 out of poverty. 
  • Because of the larger benefit for the youngest, 3,100 kids under the age of six are raised out of poverty.  
  • Families with children in poverty will receive $4,700 on average. 
  • 3,500 children in CT-01 will be lifted out of deep poverty. 

If you have questions about the Child Tax Credit or any other provisions in the American Rescue Plan, please do not hesitate to contact my office by sending me an email here or calling 860-278-8888.   

Best wishes,

John B. Larson
Member of Congress


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