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Dear Friends,

Last week in the House we took important votes to protect our environment, provide cost-free contraceptives to veterans and more.  

Important Votes: 

  • On Friday, I voted to repeal a harmful Trump EPA Rule, and reinstate an Obama-era methane emissions rule. Climate change is happening right now. We can’t afford to wait. Methane pollution is accelerating the pace of climate change, yet former President Trump attempted to make it easier for this greenhouse gas to be released into the atmosphere. By reinstating the 2016 Methane rule, the oil and gas industry will be required to reduce methane emissions from its operation.  
  • The House passed the Equal Access to Contraception for Veterans Act, which eliminates existing co-pays for female veterans. Active duty service members already have access to co-pay-free contraceptives. Veterans deserve the same! 
  • Our economy cannot fully recover from COVID-19 if we fail to support older workers. That’s why I voted for the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act. This bipartisan legislation would ensure older workers are included in our economic recovery and protected against age discrimination. 

Other Updates: 

  • I introduced the Know Your Social Security Actwhich will ensure that all workers are sent a Social Security Statement in the mail. All workers deserve to have a full understanding of what they’re contributing to Social Security and what they can expect to receive. This will help Americans, and especially millennials plan for retirement.  
  • I sent a letter with Reps. Joe Courtney and Ayanna Pressley, and Senators Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren, urging President Biden to extend the current pause on payments and interest for student loans to ease the burden on Americans during the pandemic. 
  • On Monday, June 21, I led a letter signed by 18 other Members of Congress requesting immediate action to avoid payment rate changes that would have negatively affected access for Medicare beneficiaries using manual wheelchairs. On Wednesday, June 23, I spoke with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and separately discussed the issue in person with HHS Secretary Becerra. That very day, CMS confirmed that it would extend the June 30 deadline on payment rates until September 30, 2021 – giving CMS more time to determine how to implement permanent changes.  This is a victory for those with severe disabilities who must use individualized wheelchairs and accessories to give them the comfort and independence they deserve. 

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John B. Larson
Member of Congress


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