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July 11, 2022

Congressional Update from U.S. Congressman Andy Barr 

Speaking to Small Business Owners and the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

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Our nation is facing a historic inflation crisis that is crippling families and small businesses in the Commonwealth.  According to Bloomberg economists, the average American family is on track to pay over $5,000 because of inflation this year. 

Last week, I spoke to the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and interviewed with Jacqueline Pitts who hosts the Chamber’s the “Bottom Line” outlining my work to address inflation, high energy prices and the labor shortage.  You can watch that full interview by clicking the play button above or by clicking here.

Protecting Investors and Energy Supply by Combatting ESG

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Retail investors saving for retirement should always have their financial returns put ahead of woke politics.  That is why I am fighting hard against the radical and dangerous environmental, social and governance (ESG) movement in finance. 

Recently, I joined my former colleague Sean Duffy on Fox Business to discuss my bill, the Ensuring Sound Guidance (ESG) Act.  This legislation requires investment advisors and ERISA retirement plan sponsors to prioritize financial returns over non-monetary factors when making investment decisions on behalf of their clients. 

Even if you don’t have investment account, the ESG movement is negatively impacting your take home pay.  That’s because ESG proponents are dead set on choking off financing from fossil energy producers, which is contributing to the sky-high energy prices our country is facing.  You can watch my full interview with Congressman Duffy by clicking the play button above or by clicking here.               

Incentivizing School Choice Scholarships

As the father of two young daughters, I am a strong supporter of school choice because I recognize the importance of empowering parents with the ability to determine the right path for their children’s education.  In Congress, I am taking action to expand choice for parents and students by cosponsoring the Educational Choice for Children Act. 

This legislation provides a charitable donation incentive for individuals and businesses to fund scholarship awards for students.  The awards would assist students and families by covering various expenses related to K-12 public, independent and religious education, including tuition and other supplemental supports. Scholarships through this bill would amount to $10 billion on an annual basis.  While I am a champion for school choice, I am also committed to supporting our public schools so that all of our children can receive the educational foundation they deserve. 


Congressman Andy Barr

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