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Thank you to those who joined me on my telephone town hall last week. Although I’m hoping to host in-person town halls again soon, these are still a great opportunity to be able to connect with thousands of Minnesotans. Last week’s town hall focused on tax season and any tax-related questions our callers had. For those of you who didn’t have a chance to join us, I put together a Tax Day toolkit for you which you can access below!

We had a great discussion, and I look forward to hosting future town halls on issues that are important to the residents of the Sixth District. Stay tuned to this newsletter for more information about the timing and topic of my next town hall.


Congressman Emmer on his Telephone Town Hall

Last week, we also saw the release of President Biden’s infrastructure plan. This plan is a veiled attempt by the Biden Administration to use tax hikes on Americans to pave the way for a Green New Deal agenda.

Only 25% of President Biden’s plan is dedicated toward roads, bridges, and other traditional transportation infrastructure. The package also introduces new tax increases at a time when the economy is just beginning to get back on its feet.

I had hoped the Biden Administration would consider bipartisan solutions like my National Interchange and Intersection Safety Construction Program Act, which prioritizes funding for intersections and interchanges, improves safety, and increases local control over federal transportation dollars. He could have also considered my National Bridge Replacement and Improvement Act, which creates a grant program for bridge improvements, replacements, and repairs.

We need to focus on traditional transportation infrastructure, like roads and bridges, and also broadband.

Read on below for a Tax Day toolkit…


Tax Day is approaching! This year, the filing deadline is set for Monday, May 17th. As this day quickly approaches, I want to take the time to provide you with resources to assist you during tax season.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do many things, but one major change is the deadline shift for filing your individual tax returns.

Resources for Filing Your Taxes:

  • If you have not already filed, you can file through the Internal Revenue Service here
  • To request an extension, please visit here.
  • The IRS provides a tax transcript format with extra protections for your personal information. If you need to make changes to your personal information or request your tax transcript, you can find that on the IRS website here.
When is the filing deadline?

This year, tax returns are due Monday, May 17th.

Tax Tips

For tips on prior tax year information, an updated withholding calculator, the taxpayer bill of rights, or even information on what an early withdrawal from your retirement plan would do to your taxes, click here

Are taxes due on my Economic Impact Payments?

No, Economic Impact Payments are considered non-taxable income.

You can find more answers to common questions about Economic Impact Payments here. If you have further questions, you can contact the IRS’s virtual tax assistant here.

Wondering what to expect for refunds this year?

Visit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) information page here to learn more. If you have issues be sure to contact your local IRS office, here. I also have caseworkers located in my district office in Otsego who are always willing to assist you with issues you may be experiencing with federal agencies. Contact them here for assistance.

Connecting with the Sixth District

Last week, I had the opportunity to connect with thousands of Sixth District residents over the phone during my telephone town hall and in person at my office in Otsego! It was great to see our Angels in Adoption winners, a former winner of our Art Competition, and so many more…

Each year, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) selects families across the nation who have demonstrated a commitment to improving the lives of children in need of permanent, loving, forever homes. The Yagers were honored last year for their enduring fight and sacrifices to adopt their daughter, Olivia.

Alejandra, a caseworker in my office assisted the Yager family with their adoption process! My casework staff are always ready and willing to assist you with any federal needs you have.


Congressman Emmer with the Yager family, Markus, Sarah and Olivia, and a caseworker from the Otsego office, Alejandra

I also had a great meeting with a young constituent named Matthew Scherber. He is involved with Teens for Christ Leadership through St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church and attends Buffalo High School. We discussed our shared support for pro-life policies and discussed his passion for photography. He submitted a photograph, “Fruits of the Harvest” to my art competition last year which won second place!


Congressman Emmer with Matthew Scherber, who won second place in my Congressional Art Competition last year!

I had a chance to meet Jonathan Imdieke, a constituent who recently completed his project to become an Eagle Scout! It was an honor to meet Jonathan. I learned about his time in the Boy Scouts and all of the hard work it took to become an Eagle Scout. Congratulations Jonathan!


Congressman Emmer with Jonathan Imdieke, who recently earned the title of Eagle Scout!

I also hosted a roundtable event with law enforcement from around the Sixth District in St. Cloud. Lately, the national conversation around policing and police reform has left out the most important group: law enforcement officers. I met with many leaders in the District to listen to their needs and priorities, to learn how I can help them keep our communities safe.


Congressman Emmer hosting a Law Enforcement Roundtable

Protecting Main Street Credit Unions

Our credit unions offer an incredible range of financial products and services to members throughout the Sixth District. During the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, credit unions have gone above and beyond, facilitating more than 170,000 loans to small businesses and ensuring the availability of stimulus payments for their members.

Last week, I introduced the Credit Union Governance Modernization Act to update the membership procedures our nation’s credit unions follow in order to enhance employee and member safety.


Currently, the law requires a federal credit union to hold a vote of its entire membership before it can expel a member who engages in egregious, sometimes dangerous or illegal conduct. This can include physical damage to property, harassment, or threats. My legislation simplifies the member expulsion process while ensuring a fair process for reinstatement.

Minnesota and its 1.8 million credit union customers have championed this effort at the state-level with incredible success. By supporting them and this change nationally, I know it will make credit unions around the country safer for both employees and members.

Until next week, if you are in need of assistance or would like to share your thoughts with me, please write me an e-mail here.

To keep up with what we’re doing in Washington, follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more updates!


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