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Last week, we learned of the passing of Vice President Walter Mondale. Fritz was a son of Minnesota, a statesman, and a leader in American politics. Jacquie and I continue to pray for his family and loved ones during their time of grief.


The legacy of Walter Mondale lives on in the work I do every day. I am committed to serving my fellow Minnesotans, which is why, last week, I hosted a telephone town hall focused on issues impacting seniors. More than 6,200 constituents joined us for this virtual meeting which featured representatives from the Central Minnesota Council on Aging and the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging, now known as Trellis. Together, we were able to provide resources on everything from Medicare and aging in place, to identifying and avoiding predatory scams. 

To connect with some of the resources shared on this call, learn more here:

  • To access the Senior LinkAge Line, visit here.
  • For assistance with Medicare, visit here.
  • For local assistance, visit the Central Minnesota Council on Aging here.
  • The Minnesota Department of Human Services offers economic supports to help seniors live independently, click here for more information.
  • The Minnesota Department of Human Services offers assistance to seniors struggling with food, income, and housing insecurity, and help can be found here.

Our seniors deserve to age with dignity. All too often they find themselves struggling to navigate programs like Social Security and Medicare or end up falling victim of fraud or targeted scams. Recently, I voted in favor of legislation to establish a Senior Scams Prevention Advisory Group to help educate employees of retailers and financial-services companies on how to identify and prevent scams that affect older adults. I also supported the Protecting Seniors from Emergency Scams Act to help raise public awareness about scams targeting older adults. By gaining a better understanding of how these scams target seniors, we will be more readily equipped to prevent and protect against these abuses.


I have also taken steps in Congress to combat elder abuse by introducing the Senior abuse Training and Offense Prevention (STOP) Act. This bill would create a specialized grant program to support law enforcement, first responders, and existing community efforts to combat abuse. It is important that those working hard to bring justice have access to the resources they need to do so, and this bill would be an important step in supporting these individuals.

Americans deserve to enjoy their golden years in comfort and happiness, and they deserve to age with dignity. If you or a loved one is experiencing abuse, it is important that you call the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center at 1-844-880-1574 for help.

Leading on Financial Technology

I have served on the Financial Services Committee since my first term in Congress. During my tenure on committee, I have become especially interested in financial technology or “fintech”.

This topic is quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives. This Congress, I was reappointed to serve as the Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee’s Task Force on Financial Technology (Fintech Taskforce) for the 117th Congress. 

In that capacity during the 116th Congress, the Task Force worked on several new opportunities to expand access to our financial system for millions of Americans. We examined the role of fintech charters, mobile payments, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and the use of alternative data in facilitating greater financial inclusion.


Too many Americans still do not have access to the financial tools and products they need to improve their financial literacy, provide for a comfortable retirement, or pay for their kids’ college. Further, our entrepreneurs lack the regulatory clarity and certainty they need from our federal government to tap into the true potential of the latest technological advancements.

The Fintech Taskforce and its work to remove regulatory red tape is a priority for the Financial Services Committee. These efforts will help to unlock financial innovation, allowing the private sector to extend affordable and convenient banking services to anyone, anywhere. It bridges the gap between urban and rural and offers anyone with a cell phone the opportunity to forge a brighter financial future.

In the 116th Congress, I led several initiatives designed to craft and support a regulatory environment that promotes financial innovation, competition, and greater access for the American people.

Here is a summary of my work on fintech during the 116th Congress:

Promoting Sound Stewardship of our Natural Resources

In Minnesota, we are blessed with beautiful lands and waterways that serve as a vital source of life and economic development. Preserving our natural resources is of the utmost priority and can be done in a way that does not hamstring our economy or eliminate good paying jobs.

One of the Biden Administration’s earliest and most concerning priorities does not seek to strike that balance. Instead, they have expressed their intentions to return to the sweeping and burdensome “Waters of the United States” rule (better known as WOTUS) which was developed during the Obama Administration. Many Minnesota businesses fell under the scope of WOTUS which sought to regulate economic activity around a broad swath of rivers, lakes, and in some cases, ditches and puddles.

The Trump Administration revised this rule and instituted the Navigable Waters Protection Rule. Issued in 2020, the Navigable Waters Protection Rule keeps our water and land clean without destroying businesses in the process. If President Biden reverses this updated rulemaking, the administration will leave farmers, ranchers, landowners, and businesses to face burdensome restrictions on their own property.

With these communities in mind, I am happy to support my colleague, Congresswoman Miller-Meeks from Iowa, in her efforts to protect the rule by supporting a resolution to uphold the Navigable Waters Protection Rule (NWPR) into law. This resolution would express the House of Representatives acknowledges clean water is a national priority and the 2020 rule should not be withdrawn or vacated.


Congressman Emmer visits Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge in the Sixth District

I am dedicated to ensuring our state and local economies prosper while also protecting Minnesota’s beauty for generations to come. Like all Minnesotans, I believe we need to be good stewards of our land and waterways — this effort provides regulatory clarity, creates jobs, and supports economic growth.

Until next week, if you are in need of assistance or would like to share your thoughts with me, please write me an e-mail here.

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