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This month, as I travel across Minnesota’s Sixth District, I look forward to connecting with you about the priorities and concerns you have for Congress to address in the coming months.

Here’s a quick look at some of our recent visits…

Minnesota’s Sixth continues to set the standard for community policing

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the St. Cloud Community Outpost with officers of the St. Cloud Police Department, their Chief Blair Anderson, and my friends State Representative Tama Theis and St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis.


Starting in 2017, members of the Greater St. Cloud Public Safety Foundation invested in a Community OutPost to help law enforcement engage and communicate with residents in their surrounding communities. The “COP House” now provides improved community-focused engagement efforts. A COP House is a residential home where nearby residents can receive critical services and build relationships with local law enforcement in that community. With improved police-citizen communication, officers can more effectively establish trust and build rapport with the citizens that they are sworn to protect. 


Read more about my visit here.

Due to the success of this effort, I introduced the Community OutPost (COP) Outreach and Engagement Act which would make this effort a national federal pilot program. The work of this local initiative has reduced crime, brought the community together, and shown what an investment in community policing can do to improve citizen and police relations.


During my visit, I learned about some of the programs they have been offering that are attended by hundreds of neighborhood kids, such as soccer, basketball, and hockey clinics. I also learned about CentraCare’s efforts to provide quality health care directly in the community by renting a room at the COP House to conduct appointments. 

Chief Anderson said it best: the COP House and the St. Cloud Police Department have, “already made huge deposits into the reservoir of trust. When stuff goes sideways, they aren't coming to burn stuff down. We're humanizing the badge," and these programs are at the forefront of that effort. 

I’m proud to take Minnesota-inspired solutions to a national level. These concepts are transforming police-citizen relationships and should be replicated in communities around the country. 

Read more about our bill, the Community OutPost (COP) Outreach and Engagement Act here.

Supporting our veterans

Recently, I stopped in to visit the County Veteran Service Officers (VSO’s) in Wright County. VSOs are available to assist veterans and their families in many ways. Primarily, they help complete and file claims on veteran’s behalf to the Veterans Administration. 

These Service Officers are also able to offer advice as to what benefits are available from federal, state, county, and local resources. VSO’s are often the first stop for veterans seeking help.

Additionally, my casework staff work closely with VSO’s in all seven counties in Minnesota’s Sixth District to help serve veterans. For example, when a veteran is experiencing long wait times for their claim to be processed by the Veterans Benefits Administration, my office can send a congressional inquiry to ensure they are being responsive to the veteran.


Casework is the backbone of constituent service for a federal office, and I am proud to say we have the best caseworkers in the business! If you or someone you know is struggling to navigate a federal agency, and need assistance, reach out to my office here. My staff is always ready to assist you!

Resources for Veterans

  • Find a County Veteran Service Office near you here.
  • Find resources from the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs here.
  • VA Health Care System Clinics near you can be found here.
  • Visit our resource page for veterans here.
  • You can contact our casework staff here.

Until next week, if you are in need of assistance or would like to share your thoughts with me, please write me an e-mail here.

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