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We’re back in Washington this week for the first votes of the new year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Congress will be addressing any of the many issues facing every American: skyrocketing costs, increased car jackings and rising crime, or the complex and confusing response to COVID.

There’s a lot that must be done, and my team and I will continue to fight for policies that rein in federal spending, support our men and women in blue, and encourage Americans to take the necessary precautions but continue to build a future for their children and their businesses.  

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On Sunday, we celebrated National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. In Minnesota, there are 417 law enforcement agencies and 10,923 licensed active Peace Officers.


Trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve doesn’t just make policing easier, it builds safer communities. Despite the rhetoric of the “defund the police” movement, collaborative relationships between civilians and law enforcement are possible and already strengthening communities here in Minnesota.

Watch here more on my work to support law enforcement-community engagement.

Working with the St. Cloud Police Department to develop their successful Community Outpost inspired my introduction of the Community Outpost (COP) Outreach and Engagement Act to make this local initiative a federal pilot program. Innovative community engagement is exactly what we need to showcase the positive influence of public servants, like police and peace officers. You can read more about my bill and work here.

I will continue to support our law enforcement and help improve engagement with those they protect.

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit North Memorial Air Ambulance Base in Princeton. With six locations across Minnesota and one in Wisconsin, North Memorial serves over 4,500 patients per year in the Midwest. In addition to providing emergency transport, the base in Princeton also provides training to emergency care volunteers and professionals.


ImageCongressman Emmer meets with North Memorial Air Ambulance Base employees in Princeton.

Emergency air transport is a lifesaving service that offers care to critically injured patients when they cannot be accessed by a traditional ambulance. It’s a relief to know that in a crisis, the Sixth District can rely on emergency transport like the kind provided by North Memorial.

We must allow North Memorial and other air transport services to continue their important work. Late last year, I sent a letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen expressing my concern with the Administration’s recent rule which threatened the operation of emergency air ambulance services. You can read more about my work to support this lifesaving work here.

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