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Response to Hamas Terror Attack


Hamas terrorists have committed unthinkable acts of violence against Israel, brutally murdering over one thousand Israelis and kidnapping hundreds more. These terrorists have murdered babies, raped women, burned people alive in their own homes, and are continuing to employ barbaric tactics against the people of Israel. I have joined nearly 400 of my colleagues to cosponsor a resolution to condemn Hamas and their horrific attack on Israel and reiterate Israel’s right to defend itself. The United States is a long-time ally of Israel and must continue to provide support. The United States stands firmly with Israel, and we pray for our ally during these devastating times.

Condemning Anti-Semitism


On Tuesday night, a rally took place in Dearborn, where speakers defended the terrorist organization Hamas, called Israelis "chickens," and said Israel "will burn until its demise." At least 25 Americans have been killed and more are still being held hostage by this terrorist organization. As Americans, they have the right to gather and speak, but the hateful rhetoric is morally repugnant and does not represent the values of the great state of Michigan. I've called on all leaders of our state to condemn anti-Semitism, terrorism, and anyone who celebrates it. We cannot let this hate go unchecked. 

Protecting Jewish Students


Student organizations across the country have released alarming statements supporting the violence that has left innocent civilians dead, including many Americans. This rhetoric raises serious concerns about the well-being and safety of Jewish students in the United States. In response, I sent a letter to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona demanding that the Department of Education immediately engage with colleges and universities on their obligations to take prompt action to respond to harassment that creates a hostile environment for Jewish students. Anti-Semitic beliefs have no place on college campuses.

Holding the FCC Accountable


I recently sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel seeking clarification of her misleading testimony at a past Energy and Commerce hearing. In March of 2022, Chairwoman Rosenworcel testified that she did not support rate regulation of any kind, including by using the FCC’s section 201 and 202 authority to determine whether rates are just and reasonable. However, the FCC recently released a proposed rule that would implement rate regulation, directly contradicting Chairwoman Rosenworcel’s testimony. The future of the Internet in the United States should be focused on freedom and innovation, not more government control. Read more here

Last Chance! Military Academy Nominations Deadline 


If you know a student interested in applying to a service academy, the deadline to apply with my office is October 15.

To learn more, please call my either my Jackson or Niles District Office or visit

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