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This week we’re back in Washington for another round of votes. We will also be paying our respects to the Dean of the House, Representative Don Young of Alaska. Representative Young has always been a friend and mentor to me since I came to Congress. He will be sorely missed on many levels.

Legislatively, we have a busy week in the House Financial Services Committee as we continue to fight for financial freedom and innovation. 

Read on to hear about what we were working on last week…

Paying our respects to a friend and titan of the House

Today, we said goodbye to a good friend and the Dean of the House, Alaska’s Representative Don Young. Don was a great mentor to me and he served the people of Alaska with enthusiasm and steadfast commitment for nearly 50 years in office.

Don is lying in honor in the United States Capitol today, a moving tribute to a life spent in service of the American people. Don, you will be missed.

Celebrating National Agriculture Week

Last week, we celebrated National Agriculture Week, recognizing the important contributions of Minnesota’s agriculture community. In Washington, we’re working on legislative solutions to the many challenges our farmers are facing, like stress and input costs (you can read more on that below.) Our farmers and producers deserve to be celebrated, too.


Congressman Emmer at FarmFest 2021

Last week, my office hosted two roundtables to connect with the Sixth District’s ag community. The first was focused on raising youth interest and awareness for careers in farming and ranching. The future of agriculture depends on our youngsters finding a future in growing and ranching, and I was thrilled to have Minnesota Farm Bureau President Dan Glessing help us lead the conversation.


MFB President Dan Glessing with participants in Congressman Emmer’s youth ag roundtable

My office also hosted a series of conversations with our Ag Advisory Council. These leaders in the Sixth District’s ag community help me stay current with the priorities and challenges that our farmers are facing. As always, we are grateful for their leadership and guidance.


Congressman Emmer meets with members of his Ag Advisory Council

Thank you to our farmers for keeping our shelves stocked and plates full. Your work is not forgotten, this and every week.

Addressing a crisis in our ag community

Our farmers are again facing profound challenges ahead of the spring planting season, with commodity prices not keeping pace with soaring input costs on fertilizer and feed. In fact, fertilizer prices are now their highest on record.

Click above to listen to Congressman Emmer's interview on Brownfield Ag Radio

The developing crisis in Ukraine has only made prices rise more sharply. The United States imported an estimated $10.3 billion worth of fertilizer for crops in 2021. Of that, $1.3 billion came from Russia—which because of sanctions is no longer on the market.

We have other options for fertilizer imports. Earlier this month, I sent a letter to Chair of the International Trade Commission Jason Kearns asking that he lift duties on fertilizer imports from Morocco, Trinidad and Tobago to lower costs and increase the supply of fertilizer available to American farmers.

­­­­­­­­­­­Upcoming tax filing deadlines…

As March comes to an end, the federal tax filing deadline is just around the corner. This year’s process might present more confusion than years past. You can find resources to guide your filing process on my website here. For larger questions and concerns, my casework team stands ready to help. You can contact them here or by calling my Otsego office at (763) 241-6848.


Until next week, if you are in need of assistance or would like to share your thoughts with me, please write me an e-mail here.

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