Dear Friend, 

This week, we are heading back to Washington after a long August recess. The last time Congress was in session, Democrats unilaterally passed the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.” Despite its name, this bill piled $740 billion onto the $9 trillion spent since President Biden took office.

To make matters worse, the few offsets the bill contained were wiped out by the Biden Administration’s student debt cancellation scheme. Americans are already bearing the costs of these spending sprees—families are now spending $6,000 more to get the same goods and services they did a year ago, and price hikes have forced 36% of Americans to tap into their savings.

There is no question: Congress must act to bring down prices and steer Americans away from financial crisis. Instead, on the calendar for the last eleven working days before the election: a bill to shield career bureaucrats from accountability to the American voter, which will make it even harder to remove non-performing or insubordinate government employees whose salaries are paid by the taxpayer.

Also on the docket is a bill severely narrowing the parameters by which the Census Director can be removed, further entrenching an agency more focused on activism than serving the American people.

It seems that while Americans are struggling, Democrats are focused on expanding the bureaucracy and enabling dug-in federal employees. Meanwhile, we’ll continue our work to rein in spending and bring affordability back to families across the country.