Dear Friend, 

It has been an honor to be a voice for the Sixth Congressional District, and I am grateful to have been re-elected to again serve as your Member of Congress. This Congress, I will be taking on some new responsibilities: this week, I was selected by my colleagues to be House Majority Whip.

In the 118th Congress, we have the all-important power of the gavel. This means that Republicans will have the ability to apply checks and balances to the Biden Administration, a crucial tool in our effort to bring down costs, renew prosperity, and restore safety.

America is facing a recession, and we can’t afford another year of shrinking paychecks. We have long been working to rein in wasteful government spending with legislation like the Sunset Act. This bill will require that each major rule—that is, an executive action with more than a $100 million impact on our economy—be approved by Congress or be “sunset” after ten years. With the power of the purse, we will challenge costly executive actions that weigh down our national debt.

In the House Financial Services Committee, where I serve as Ranking Member of Oversight and Investigations, we will now have the power to turn a microscope on executive agencies that politicize regulatory enforcement. We have already led the charge in the minority on efforts like this one to expose extra-jurisdictional enforcement. However, with the power of the gavel, we will be able to call those suspected of wrongdoing before Congress.

We also have the opportunity to hold these agencies accountable for the irresponsible use of taxpayer funds. Unchecked spending allows cronyism like the egregious “fellows” program at the CFPB to thrive. While we worked to expose this bad-faith governance in the minority, in the majority we will hold bad actors accountable.

There is much work to do this Congress, but we are encouraged that the new majority will bring newfound accountability and solutions to Americans’ most pressing problems.