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The end of most COVID restrictions has been a welcome change. In fact, even President Biden has acknowledged that the pandemic is over. It is time to get Americans back to work.

With no present threat to public safety, those who are paid with taxpayer dollars, federal bureaucrats, have an obligation to show up to work in person. Since 2021, more than 1,000,000 federal employees have been working remotely. While these policies may have made sense to some at the onset of the pandemic, that time has clearly passed, and our constituents are feeling the impact. Requests for simple government services, such as renewing passports and receiving tax returns, are taking months longer than they normally would.

Millions of Americans rely on these federal services; it is imperative that federal employees return to in-person work so they can do the work they were hired to do. Last week we passed the Show Up Act, legislation that would require federal executive branch agencies to reinstate the telework policies that were in place prior to the pandemic. If American taxpayers are required to fund these federal bureaucrats’ salaries, they need to show up to the office to carry out their duties for the American people.

Also last week, the House of Representatives passed the Pandemic is Over Act, legislation that would terminate the COVID-19 public health emergency that was declared in January 2020. This is an important step for our country as we work to return to normalcy and put an end to costly pandemic federal spending.

We will continue our push to get the government back to work. In the meantime, if you or someone you know is need of help dealing with a federal agency like the Social Security Administration or VA, please do not hesitate to contact our casework team in Otsego at 763-241-6848.






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