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In a Minnesota State House hearing last month, a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient proudly proclaimed, “We are voting. Our people are voting.” In response, instead of launching an investigation into this unlawful activity, Secretary of State Steve Simon commented, “non-citizen voting is [not] a problem in Minnesota or nationally.”

It is shameful that our Secretary of State, the person responsible for ensuring that Minnesota elections are free from illegal voting, has declined to investigate this matter in the face of such a blatant admission. If the Secretary of State will not take this matter seriously, the new Republican House Majority will.

Listen to Congressman Emmer talk about non-citizen voting on Twin Cities News Talk earlier this month

Any ineligible ballot cast in Minnesota, or anywhere in the United States, should be cause for serious concern. Recently, Minnesota House Republicans joined a letter authored by Committee on House Administration Chairman Bryan Steil to the Minnesota Secretary of State asking how his office plans to investigate claims that DACA recipients and other non-citizens are voting in Minnesota’s elections. You can read more about the letter and our work to prevent non-citizen voting here.

As we work to restore confidence in our elections, we must be absolutely sure that only eligible Americans can cast a ballot. Anything less is unacceptable and compromises the integrity of our election process. My colleagues and I will continue to demand that Secretary of State Simon investigate these claims of non-citizen voting until our concerns are addressed.






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