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The 118th Congress has just begun and House Republicans are already getting to work to tackle the historic inflation that has hammered the American people. First item on the agenda: addressing the debt crisis. Our national debt is now $31.6 trillion.

That amounts to $246,000 for every American taxpayer.

Much of this debt can be attributed to recent Democrat legislative spending sprees—a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Just last week, President Biden submitted his FY24 budget to Congress, which includes the highest sustained levels of taxes, spending and deficits in American history.

When it comes to getting this spending under control, every penny counts. During President Biden’s first two years in office, he has issued 107 executive orders. These orders are estimated to cost taxpayers more than one trillion dollars (worth even more thanks to the added cost of inflation, which has risen fourteen percent since Biden took office.)

These unchecked executive orders are another drain on our already-struggling economy. Earlier this month, the House passed the REIN in Inflation Act. This bill will require the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors and Office of Management and Budget to prepare a report detailing the inflationary effects of any executive order with an estimated impact of at least one billion dollars. The White House would then be required to report these findings to Congress every year so we can better demand accountability.

Inflation is a tax on every American, and we deserve transparency on spending to turn this ship around. We are committed to reining in President Biden’s bloated bureaucracy, lowering inflation, and returning power to the American people.






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