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If we are going to get inflation under control, addressing the price of energy must be our top priority. Last week, the House of Representatives passed legislation that will work to lower energy costs for working Americans.

The Lower Energy Costs Act focuses on two main principles: increasing the production of American energy and reducing regulatory red tape that make it more challenging to expand American energy and natural resource development. This bipartisan, commonsense bill unleashes American energy and drives down costs for American families.


Congressman Emmer speaks in favor of the Lower Energy Costs Act

During 2022, the price of natural gas rose to the highest levels in nearly 15 years. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, more than 65% of Minnesota households use natural gas to power their homes. As Minnesotans, we understand that home heating isn’t just a luxury, it is a life-and-death necessity for many months of the year.

Congressman Emmer touts the Lower Energy Costs Act on Twin Cities News Talk

The Lower Energy Costs Act will have major implications for miners in Northern Minnesota as well. The American economy will no longer be beholden to foreign adversaries with dubious labor protections when it comes to critical minerals, we will mine them here at home, in Minnesota. This legislation prohibits mineral withdrawals on federal lands, like we saw President Biden do earlier this year in Northern Minnesota, without an assessment on the impacts the withdrawal would have on the U.S. mineral supply chain. It will also streamline the permitting process, allowing these projects to move forward safely and efficiently.

The core tenets of The Lower Energy Costs Act are simple: lower costs for Americans, remove the bureaucratic red tape holding American energy back and restore America’s energy independence.






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