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We have felt the Biden administration’s war on domestic energy in every part of our lives: in high prices at the pump, long delays on goods with strained supply chains, and painful home heating bills. However, we have a solution here at home. An all-of-the-above American energy approach will drive down costs and free us from reliance on foreign adversaries for our basic energy needs.

Late last month, the House of Representatives passed the Lower Energy Costs Act. The bill will increase domestic energy production, reform the permitting process for new energy projects, repeal the $6 billion natural gas tax and boost domestic production of critical minerals like those mined in Minnesota’s Iron Range. To recognize this win for American energy, we spent some time with Sixth District businesses and individuals who will be helped by the Lower Energy Costs Act…

We hosted a roundtable at the Becker Community Center with over a dozen Minnesota leaders and energy producers to discuss the passage of the Lower Energy Costs Act. During our conversation, we heard about how burdensome regulations have driven up costs, making day-to-day operations more difficult for small businesses and everyday essentials more expensive for Sixth District residents.


You can read more about roundtable in these articles from the Patriot and the Monticello Times.

All-of-the-above energy means unleashing all types of domestic energy providers. Recently, we took a trip to Rockford to visit the Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association.


Wright-Hennepin has provided power to rural Wright County and western Hennepin County since 1937. The cooperative now serves more than 50,000 accounts in the region. It was great to see their hard work to “keep the lights on” for so many of us here in the Sixth District!

Read more about our visit to Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association here, in the Press & News and the Delano Herald Journal.

We also had the opportunity to take a tour (and even get behind the wheel!) and Lorenz Bus Service in Blaine. Since 1945, Lorenz Bus Service has been the largest charter bus rental and shuttle transportation management company in Minnesota. The company employs over 150 full-time or part-time drivers and a team of full-time mechanics.


Bus services like Lorenz don’t just help their passengers’ commutes. If all current Minnesota bus riders immediately began using single-occupant vehicles, an additional two lanes would be needed on our busiest corridors to accommodate the new traffic.

To continue their important work, these companies need reliable, low-cost fuel. The domestic energy production encouraged by the Lower Energy Costs Act will have ripple effects across our entire economy.

You can read more about our tour here in Blaine/Spring Lake Park/Columbia Heights/Fridley Life.






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