Dear Friend, 

Last week, we finished a two-week stretch of session in Washington, D.C. that concluded with the passage of our proposal that limits federal spending, saves taxpayers money, and works to grow our economy…

ImageWatch: Congressman Tom Emmer discusses The Limit, Save, Grow Act

This bill is a commonsense approach that puts an end to Democrats’ trillion-dollar spending sprees while ensuring that programs Americans rely on, such as veterans’ benefits, Medicare, and Social Security are strengthened and protected. The bill will also boost American energy production, lower costs for American families and end our dependence on foreign adversaries for key resources.

Our bill will save taxpayers trillions of dollars by reclaiming unspent COVID funds, stopping President Biden’s student loan giveaway to the wealthy, and defunding his army of 87,000 IRS agents. Simultaneously, this legislation will strengthen our workforce to help lift struggling Americans out of poverty. These are the same economically conservative policies that have historically received bipartisan support, even from Joe Biden himself.

Our nation’s credit card is maxed out. This bill sends a clear message to President Biden: continuing to ignore the problem is not an option.   

It is in the interest of all Americans to avoid a default on our national debt. We hope that President Biden and Senate Democrats meet us at the negotiating table and help pass legislation that will lead us back to fiscal sanity.






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