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If you gave your child a credit card, and they kept maxing it out, you wouldn’t blindly raise their credit limit. You would correct their behavior. Our nation’s credit card is maxed out and it is time for a major course correction. However, due to President Biden and Senate Democrats’ inaction and refusal to negotiate on the debt ceiling, thousands of Minnesotans’ financial futures are in jeopardy.  

Congressman Emmer discusses federal debt ceiling on America Reports

It has been more than 21 days since House Republicans passed our Limit, Save, Grow Act. Since then, President Biden and Senate Democrats have been missing in action. This legislation responsibly raises the debt ceiling while limiting wasteful government spending, saving taxpayers money and growing our economy. By raising the debt ceiling, while simultaneously making practical spending cuts, we are preventing a default while addressing the out-of-control spending that has become commonplace in Washington.

In the last 30 years, the only meaningful spending reforms we have seen have been associated with debt ceiling discussions and negotiations. It is time for Joe Biden to stop holding Americans hostage and negotiate a proposal that limits wasteful spending, saves taxpayers money, and works to grow the economy.

Our bill is a solution to the crisis. Biden’s inaction at the negotiating table jeopardizes Minnesota families and workers. Analysts predicted that nearly 100,000 Minnesotans in the Sixth District who are nearing retirement would lose more than $20,000 in value in their 401ks if our nation defaulted. Thousands would lose their job and mortgage costs would increase. It is long past time for Joe Biden and Senate Democrats to come to the table.

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